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HEALTHY TECH, DUPAGE | The Latest Fitness Tech Trends

LOCAL FITNESS EXPERTS SHARE ON WHAT’S  HOT IN TECHNOLOGY FOR HEALTH & FITNESS DUPAGE COUNTY– Paige Waehner, Certified Personal Trainer with Get Fit With Paige in Glen Ellyn says we've come a long way from using scales as a means to determine fitness and health; from basic heart rate monitors to smart watches and fitness trackers, now we can learn so much more about our bodies on a daily basis.

“For most people, seeing their progress happen, whether it's a number on a watch or a progress report at the end of the week, it motivates them to keep going on a daily basis,” she says. “Having this information gives you so many more ways to set goals. Instead of just weight loss, which is something that happens over a long period of time, they can focus on the steps they need to take to reach that goal; taking more steps, eating fewer calories, exercising more, etc. I think fitness technology will evolve to the point where we can track even more information about our bodies and exercise and more importantly, our overall health.”

Julie Kocher-Zinkus, Founder of Flexible Fitness in Wheaton relies heavily on technology to foster client success, using websites like PTontheNet to create workouts with photos and video descriptions, as well as using video conferencing like Zoom and Skype, in addition to Apps like Voxer for additional coaching, accountability, motivation, while also delivering whole food nutrition foundations to her clients.

Kathryn Doyle, Life Coach and Personal Trainer of Kathryn The Trainer in Naperville agrees that technology creates an easier path to accountability. “My clients love the ease of walking into their basement and simply opening their computer. Clients can have dinner cooking and laundry going, or kids in the other room and never miss a session,” she says. “I also support a lot of executives that work from home and/or travel for work. For people with work at home, our sessions are just another appointment blocked out for their day with no commute. The executives that I train love that we can work right from their hotel room on the road via Facetime or Skype.”

These three local fitness experts share their favorite websites, blogs, and social media sites for various tips:






Technology can sometimes be the cause and scapegoat for people being more sedentary, but it can also motivate us to be more active, ultimately having a huge impact on our health. –Kristen Kucharski

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