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SAVORY & SWEET SISTERS | I Want Candy, Clarendon Hills

A SWEET BEGINNING The sweetest spot opened this past May and we just couldn’t wait! Situated in downtown Clarendon Hills, I Want Candy is more than just a vintage candy confectionary. It specializes in custom lollipops with edible images.

What started as a bitter sweet ending when the owners of Vintage Confections decided to retire became a sweet beginning for three employees as they carry on the legacy. Martha Daly, Kristina Magana, and Tina Welch continue the pursuit to satisfy one sugar craving at a time. These sweet and sassy new owners opened their whimsical shop adding a bit of their own flare. Stocking the shelves with much sought after vintage candy, dreamy chocolate, gummies, candy from the U.K. and new favorites only adds to their already popular custom Lollis. The cotton candy will bring you back to your childhood and is made in a variety of flavors daily. Try some melt-in-your-mouth toffee by Fill My Jar and your jar will quickly be empty. The creamy fudge by Grandpa Cole is scrumptious. Our advice is to make sure to buy two boxes, one for sharing and another one to keep all to yourself.

Another type of treat at I Want Candy is customers can stop in and see the Lolli making process. With a kitchen in view amazing 3-D Lollis are created right before your eyes. Choose your own flavor, shape, number, letter, style to design your own Lolli. Add some edible gold, silver, sparkles or even make it a Swarovski. The possibilities are endless. During our visit we met customer Kathy Bosco, who couldn’t get enough of her favorite round guava flavored lollis.

Surrounded by sweets, what are the owner’s favorites? Daly loves the cherry flavored lollipop. Welch craves their salted caramel and crème lollipop but likes making the edible gold Lolli. Magana who is also known as the design ninja said anything that is sugar is her personal favorite! They are always dreaming up new combinations. So what is next? Birthday Parties and Girls Night out events of course! Make graduations, baby showers, birthday parties or any event just a little bit sweeter, with some out of this world confections from I Want Candy which is sure to be a sweet success!

I Want Candy! 27 S. Prospect, Claredon Hills (630) 819-5168 Owners: Martha Daly, Kristina Magana & Tina Welch


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