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SAVORY & SWEET SISTERS | Pinecone Cottage, Downers Grove

Savory & Sweet Sisters, May 2018, GlanDuPage County, cer Magazine

THE ART OF AFTERNOON TEA Sharing a cup of tea with our Grandmother is still a favorite occasion. When I was little it was always orange pekoe. Grandma would carry over her gold sugar bowl and very carefully using the tiny spoon I would add two cubes. Sometimes it was a bowl with colored sugar, but always a dainty tea cup and saucer. We would share stories about the day and as we got older, we would share our aspirations. Our love of tea grew as our relationship with our Grandmother grew.

Hosts Pam and Paul’s love of tea starts right in their backyard. After years of collecting pine cones around their property it seemed a perfect fit to name their abode Pinecone Cottage. Being an avid gardener, Pam grew herbs, flowers and vegetables and shared them among neighbors and friends. She used the abundance of fresh clippings and fruits to make sauces, pastries, curds and preserves. In 2002 Pam and Paul opened The Pinecone Cottage in downtown Downers Grove to share their passion with others. Inspired by her travels and the many afternoon tea she has enjoyed, she created a perfect afternoon at this unique tea house.



Pinecone Cottage offers a vast loose tea selection including a house blend, Tisanes, Rooibos, decaffeinated teas, white, green and green flavored, oolong, black and black flavored. Tea is expertly paired with menu items. Menu items such as scones, sandwiches and salads are based on a monthly theme. We are so excited about the May menu theme “Alice in Wonderland”! The menu includes both savories and sweets and uses seasonally available ingredients–many of which are still grown in the original pinecone gardens. Enjoy the most delightful pinescones served with a dollop of Devon crème. The handmade preserves and curds are made using the traditional methods of the Elizabethan era. The chicken salad is refreshing and the quaint tea sandwiches are quite flavorful. The four course afternoon tea is served by reservations only.

Pinecone cottage also offers cooking classes and has a monthly catering menu. Check their website for monthly offerings. This spring sip a cup of tea with your grandma or a girlfriend in the lovely Pinecone Cottage. Enjoy a tidbit and don’t be late to your very important date!

Pinecone Cottage 1029 Burlington Avenue, Downers Grove (630) 963-9130 Hosts: Pam & Paul Geralds​

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