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LITERARY LOCAL | Jennifer Hauser, Downers Grove

Literary Local, Jennifer Hauser, Glancer Magazine, Mar 18

Jennifer Hauser, Downers Grove ANYTOWN As an architect when the recession hit, Jennifer Hauser of Downers Grove found herself relegated to contract work, giving her less pay and benefits. While lamenting with co-workers on the state of employment, Barbie Architect hit the stores as a part of the Barbie Career Doll series. To counter Barbie Architect, Jennifer drew a cartoon of Recession Barbie and sent it around the office. “After I sent the first cartoon, I kept thinking of new characters and story lines,” says Jennifer. “I started sending them out weekly, and friends told me I should publish my collection.” Thus, her new comic book, Anytown was born.



Anytown is geared toward women with a mix of cartoons based on little stories that are a reflection of our society, stereotypes and bringing to light some of the silliness we all encounter in our daily lives. The stories are full of humor and revolve around a vigilante group of women out to save their town, including characters like Translucent Lucy and Barbie straight out of rehab. “These ladies don’t really accomplish anything spectacular like flying at the speed of light,” explains Jennifer. “They save dinner from being burnt or clean-up ugly houses.”

Anytown is currently being sold through the website and is in the process of being offered in small independent stores. -Mindy Kyle

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