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Every day it seems we read about yet another modern technology infiltrating our lives, and as the world continues this innovative path, the way we work, play and communicate with each other changes. There seems to be a lot of discussion about the negative effects of our children’s and our own techno-dependence, but what should not be dismissed, is how new technology has helped bridge gaps in communication with marriages and in turn, strengthen relationships.

It is not uncommon for careers to take people to the other side of the country, or even to the other side of the world. Technology has been invaluable in connecting spouses and families in ways that were never previously possible. Free services like SKYPE, where you can video chat with anyone around the world, give couples the next best alternative to being together. Operation Support Our Troops - America reports that more and more families are using SKYPE to connect with their loved ones on active duty.

The ever-increasing abilities of smart phones in the past decade have come with many new communication features like texting, emojis, and Facetime. Facetime, like SKYPE, allows a personal video chat with your partner. However, even the ability to shoot a quick text off to a working spouse helps to keep communication up without disturbing their work day with multiple phone calls. Sharing a moment or a picture that one can view at a convenient time can strengthen an emotional connection by allowing couples to feel a part of each other’s daily lives. Even the use of a single emoji, a character picture to explain emotions, can send a quick love message with a kiss or a heart to just show a partner you are thinking of them. There are currently over 2,500 emojis available on the smartphones.

Rita Patel-Jackson of Lisle who is the Vice President of Product Marketing-Analytics Solutions for GE Healthcare finds herself traveling often internationally. She finds the WhatsApp app invaluable for texting while traveling because it works over your phone’s internet connection or Wi-Fi to let you message, send photos and videos and call friends and family for free. “It is basically the only app I use when I travel,” says Rita.

Even through all the apps, video chat availability, and texting capabilities, Alissa Krusoe of Naperville says the most meaningful communication for her when her husband travels is the good old phone call. Thankfully, again by the advances of technology, seamless cell service and good international calling plans can help make that phone call simple compared to thirty years ago. –Mindy Kyle

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