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WOMEN OF STRENGTH | June 2017 Messages Shared


“I was inspired by my son Troy, to create A Special Place in Naperville to enrich and enhance the lives of special needs individuals and their families through the Arts and social interaction. These programs include Buddy Theater, Saturday Night Spectacular, Flag Football and Basketball Camps, that young adults can never age out. I am striving to make life better for our kids as they turn into adults; and remain strong because there are more challenges ahead of us. I will always be there to advocate for them. It is up to me to make it better.”–Cheryl Butler, Naperville

JUST DO IT “As the leader of Girl Scout Troop 4532 for years and leading them to build self-esteem, display confidence, and target big goals - such as raising enough money for the clock tower which was installed in downtown Oswego in 2014; I’ve learned to always keep the Nike motto in mind – “Just Do It”. I'm aware of obstructions and things that could go wrong, but I choose not to focus on them. If I did, I think I would have been too afraid to take on many of my most meaningful and challenging experiences." –Pam Roberts, Oswego (Pictured Back Left)


“Two of my 4 children, Noah and Laine battle a rare genetic illness called CLN2 Batten disease, that has ruthlessly robbed them of their once normal abilities including speech, mobility, eating….and just recently, Noah’s life, as well; but I continue to create optimism by bringing attention and funding to this terminal disease through Noah's Hope Fund, a non-profit organization supporting research by hosting fun events. My strength comes my children and from historic moments like this past April when we received FDA approval for an enzyme replacement therapy CLN2 Batten disease, which is one of 14 forms of Batten disease.” –Jennifer VanHoutan, Downers Grove

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