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FIND FRESHEST FOOD POSSIBLE AT PRIMROSE FARM STAND Nothing tastes so good as a tomato plucked right off the vine or a freshly-picked ear of corn, yet few home gardeners have the time, space or skill to put such delectable edibles on their table. That’s when a trip to The Farmstand at Primrose Farm in St. Charles can beef up one’s menu with fresh vegetables, fruits and farm-fresh eggs.

With the local growing season just getting started, The Farmstand is brimming with lettuces and cabbages, chards and beets at their peak and ready to eat. Supplied by local organic farmers Jeff Hughes and Ellen Kamps of Foxtrot Organic Farms, The Farmstand boasts exceptional and unusual produce not found in traditional grocery stores.

“Foxtrot is known for their rare heirloom and open-pollinated varieties,” said Alison Jones, Manager of Farm Programs and Interpretive Services. “They have a reputation within the region for the quality and diversity of their produce.”

A USDA-certified organic farm, Foxtrot plants over 130 varieties of fruits and vegetables chosen for their practicality in the kitchen and beauty on the plate. Who wouldn’t want to dig into a salad comprised of Troutback romaine lettuce with its beautiful red-and-green variegation or create a stir-fry of baby savoy cabbage and orange cauliflower.

Yes, orange cauliflower. And purple carrots and blue potatoes. Rainbow swiss card and candy-striped beets.

A trip to The Farmstand is a visual and healthful delight.

“It’s a fun shopping experience, especially for children,” said Jones. “Who wouldn’t want to taste a tomato as yellow as the sun or brilliantly striped squash?”

Kids aren’t the only ones who will be intrigued by familiar vegetables in unfamiliar colors and shapes. For the adventurous cook wanting to expand their culinary horizons, the staff at The Farmstand stand ready to answer questions, offer cooking suggestions and maybe even give a little taste of something new and unusual.

“Shopping at The Farmstand is a much more friendly, personal and educational experience than your typical trip up and down the aisles at the grocery store,” said Jones.

Along with the fruits, vegetables, herbs and even cut flowers supplied by Foxtrot Organics, The Farmstand will offer eggs produced by Primrose Farm’s own resident Columbian Wyandotte chickens. These distinctively-feathered fowl is an American breed dating back to the late 19th-century and are known for producing a light brown egg.

Now in its fourth season, The Farmstand is open every Wednesday from 3-7pm and Saturday 9am-1pm. The Farmstand is located at the entrance to Primrose Farm at 5N726 Crane Road, St. Charles. For more information, contact Primrose Farm at (630) 513-4370 or visit the web site at

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