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LITERARY LOCAL | Danielle Langford of Naperville


by Danielle Langford, Naperville

In writing Letters for My Son, Danielle Langford from Naperville, wanted to create a memorable legacy of love for her now adult son, Christian, as well as hoping to touch the hearts of other mothers, teens and boys, who maybe had not known mothers to love.

It is a book of letters capturing the moments from Christian’s infancy to a young adult including reflecting on his first haircut, first steps, and first love letter from a girl. More importantly, Danielle focuses on the lessons she tried to impart on him and how to respect yourself and others. “It is a story of devotion, growth and most of all love, and it’s real. All parents, especially mothers, can relate,” explains Danielle.

Danielle is very passionate about her work as an empowerment specialist. She is a professional speaker, workshop facilitator, radio personality, and recently an adjunct professor at North Central College teaching Business Entrepreneurship courses. She works to empower and motivate teen girls and women to live a happy and successful life and is often hired as a keynote speaker for events. Through her website,, she also writes a series of blogs aimed at current issues facing women and teens that affect their self-worth. “I love writing,” says Danielle. “I find it to be very therapeutic, and I know that it is an avenue to reach, teach and empower.” She likes to do most of her writing in peace and quiet, sometimes late at night when everyone is sleeping. She is currently working on her second and very different book, Next Chapter – Turning Your Pain into Purpose.

Letters for My Son was published through Create Space and can currently be purchased through -Mindy Kyle, Photos Submitted KNOW A LOCAL AUTHOR? Introduce us at

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