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COVER STORY | 10 Foodie Moms, Vote Today - She Could Win a $100 Gift Card to Marcel's Culinary E


Whether she loves to prepare pretty pastries, bake extravagant Sunday dinners, add cultural flair to a favorite dish, or cook sweet and simple delights loved by all, each of these 10 west suburban moms are indeed fabulous! Introducing 10 Foodie Moms to know.

Betsy Campion

Downers Grove Foodie Mom

FROM BACKYARD GARDEN TO TABLE–About a decade ago, Betsy Campione and her husband, Franco made a huge shift in the way they eat. They wanted to teach their boys, Michael (11) and Ethan (10) the importance of eating healthy and responsibly. They have had fun turning their backyard into an organic garden full of as many edible plants as possible including berry bushes and fruit trees. Their goal is to grow all their family vegetable needs for the year. They have recently renovated their kitchen with all the amenities to successfully store their healthy fare. “We make all our meals from scratch,” says Betsy, “and try to involve our kids at every stage of the process.” -MK

Rebecca Malotke-Meslin Naperville Foodie Mom

TRY EVERYTHING–Inspired by her mother and sister who love to swap recipes and devour delicious food, Rebecca thinks about cooking constantly–from making her most fabulous dish, Vanilla Mousse Cheesecake, to sharing ideas with her vegan sister via Rebecca enjoys preparing comfort foods for her husband, Jason, and two sons Jonah (7) and Elijah (5). She gravitates towards hearty dishes – meatloaf, meat pies, stews, and roasts; and loves to experiment, generating family faves such as Black Bean and Sweet Potato Enchiladas, Chicken Tikka Masala, and Jambalaya. Her prized appliance, the deep fryer, provides awesome fritters, hush puppies, doughnuts, southwestern egg rolls, and more! –KK

Susan Reid Naperville Foodie Mom

SHARING IS CARING–When Susan Reid was in 6th grade, her mother went back to college, and Susan began cooking for the family. This is when, with the encouragement of her father and her family, she began to create her own foods and meals. Cooking to share is her philosophy. She has been known to leave cups of soup, slices of cake and even a mason jar or two of pickled beets on her front porch for her neighbors to sample. Susan shares her short stories and “keeper” recipes on her food passion blog, She considers herself her family food historian, being able to preserve all the favorite family recipes. -MK

Indrani Hausner Downers Grove Foodie Mom

TRY EVERYTHING–Indrani Hausner absolutely enjoys the entire cooking and dining experience. She believes food is one of the most intimate experiences you can have. It was her father that inspired her when she was young. “He cooked to share his passion,” says Indrani. “He carefully chose ingredients, mastered techniques and presentation.” Following that passion, Indrani now makes a career out of teaching in-home Indian cooking lessons. Her favorite advice is to try everything; enjoy the adventure of trying different types of cuisine. She believes you will be amazed at how many more foods you will like. -MK

Mamta Pruthi Naperville Foodie Mom

INDIAN CULTURAL COOKING–Meals first, desserts later; yet, there is always time to make birthday cake! That is Mamta’s mantra inspired by her mother and husband. Growing up in a vegetarian family, where they did not eat eggs regularly, Mamta challenges herself to bake eggless breads and cakes without altering the taste or texture. She also bakes healthier with the use of vegetables and fruits in her goodies, such as carrot cake, beetroot cake, date cake, and strawberry cake. Mamta updates her blog to share her baking ideas as well as her Indian cultural cooking which also brings her family’s heritage into her recipes, using staple foods such as roti, dosa, and rice. –KK

Mandy Knapp Batavia Foodie Mom

LOCAL BLOGGER–With four daughters, ages 8, 5, 4, and 5 months, one might wonder how Mandy find times to cook for her husband and kids while also maintaining her blog,; but preparing healthy meals is truly important to her. Mandy joined a CSA at Spring Bluff Nursery in Sugar Grove to ensure she always has fresh herbs on hand and uses her slow cooker readily guaranteeing dinner even on busy activity nights. Because her two oldest daughters are lactose intolerant, Mandy snips creative recipes from Pioneer Woman and the Milk Free Mama blog. She feels lucky that her kids tolerate many different foods and receives pure pleasure from providing home cooked meals. –KK

Michelle Adams Geneva Foodie Mom

SUGAR MOMMA–When she was just a young girl, Michelle Adams used to follow her Italian grandmother around the kitchen developing her cooking skills and learning that “food is love”. However, it was after her first son was born and the want to make her own kids their birthday cakes, that she decided to really hone her baking skills. It became a passion for her and her sister, Nina. They would get together on weekends, develop their own recipes and sell items at farmer’s markets. In 2012, the two opened their own bakery, The Sugar Path in downtown Geneva where they bake from scratch with the best and freshest ingredients. –MK

Caroline Shields Downers Grove Foodie Mom

SIMPLE RECIPES, BIG FLAVOR–Eight years ago, Caroline Shields decided to quit her day job and enroll in culinary school. Her love for food paired nicely with her talent to make meals with big flavor. However, she admits “perfect is not her thing” and is attracted to great tasting simple recipes. She started her own foodie blog, to share approachable recipes and her philosophy on food – use quality ingredients and cook with simplicity. Caroline used to work as a personal chef cooking for small dinner parties, but now with three children under the age of six, she spends time trying to get dinner on her own table. –MK

Caroline Colley Wheaton Foodie Mom

FIT N’ FUN–As a fitness instructor with FIT4MOM Dupage County and a healthy foods blog writer at recipes-reviews#/today, Caroline tries to maintain a balanced and healthy diet for her husband and three young children. She believes that cooking at home helps children develop a healthy lifetime relationship with food. Growing up in a large family, Caroline’s mother and father prepared daily meals and encouraged the five kids to create their own recipes inspired by flavors they loved, fostering Caroline’s affection for Mediterranean Meals and family favorites such as feta and tomato salads. Caroline enjoys cooking with her own children and discovering their fondness for green veggie muffins; and tomato, black bean and bison chili! -KK

Ashley Iovinelli Woodridge Foodie Mom

THE REAL FOOD DIET–Ashley has lived with multiple chronic illnesses for the past 10 years and was tired of medications, so she decided to take the nutritional approach. She’s on the “real food diet” and feels better after sticking to a very clean and organic diet which still includes pizza, pasta, and even bread. She is inspired to share her story via Instagram and swaps recipes and tips with renowned chefs, trainers and nutritionists. Ashley makes healthy eating fun for her husband and 2-year old son by making things like Organic Rainbow Pizza, plus Fruit and Veggie Smoothies, and homemade sauces and dips in her Food Ninja. -KK

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