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CARING + SHARING | Hinsdale Humane Society to Host 4th Annual Kitten Shower

HINSDALE – Hinsdale Humane Society (HHS) will host its fourth annual Kitten Shower on Saturday, April 22, 2017 from 1-3pm at the shelter located at 22 N. Elm St. in Hinsdale, across from Hinsdale Hospital. The goal is to gather much-needed supplies in anticipation of kitten season which typically runs from April through October.

The event typically attracts nearly 100 community residents and shelter supporters who come with kitten supply donations such as bags and cans of kitten/cat food, litter, cat treats and toys as well as gift cards and cash donations. All of the items assist with caring for the many litters of kittens that arrive at the shelter during kitten season.

“We anticipate a busy kitten season this year due to the mild winter,” said Jennifer Vlazny, Operations Manager, HHS. “The kitten shower has been a great way for us to gather much needed supplies and share details about our foster program, while also offering our friends in the community, the opportunity to meet and play with our kittens.”

During the Shower, guests are invited to take shelter tours, play with the kittens, visit the face painting table and balloon artist who makes balloon animals for the children. There will be a raffle, cat-face cupcakes, lemonade and other fun activities and opportunities to meet the HHS staff and the shelter residents.

Attendees will have the chance to learn about the shelter’s work on behalf of homeless animals, and particularly about the importance of spaying and neutering cats in an effort to control overpopulation. Since the cat gestation period is 61 days, an unspayed female is likely to have three or more litters during kitten season. During this time, the influx of kittens at HHS is constant.

The shelter is committed to caring for the kittens by providing nutritious food, water, medical attention, clean bedding and kennel environment, kitten/cat toys for stimulation and interaction, and socialization experiences until they are adopted. Foster care is also provided when needed, through the network of wonderful individuals and families who are a part of the HHS foster program. We invite anyone looking for a kitten to visit the shelter or its website to find a feline companion to adopt.

For more information, visit or call 630-323-5630.

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