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Dave Phinney, a visionary winemaker, was having a conversation with a friend at an airport in France in 2010. He was talking about how interesting and fun it would be to make wine without the strict regional regulations that France has. As he was parting ways with his friend he noticed that iconic black and white “F” sticker on the bumper of a taxi cab and then he had an epiphany. What if he made wines from all over the world that pays homage to the country, while being creative with blending and/or how it’s done? “Locations Wine” was soon born.

Dave Phinney developed a team of some of the best people and years later developed many different regional wines that are not only affordable but delicious! Tasting through Locations is a fun way to explore regions from around the world. I’ve had several of these wines but recently opened up 3 of them which reminded me why I love them so much! F5 – French Rosé Wine: Sourced from the south of France and is 100% Grenache. The wine opened up with aromas of floral notes, stone fruit, and sour cherry. Upon tasting there is this alluring creaminess about it with notes of peaches, cantaloupe, watermelon and some balanced minerality. It was light and refreshing and perfect for the day I was tasting it on.

Additionally, I enjoyed their “I – Italian Red Wine”, and “P4 – Portuguese Red Wine”, both of which were interesting blends and tasty. So if you don’t have your passport ready for your trip around the world just yet, have some fun with these location wines that Dave has elegantly put together for around $20 a bottle. Sláinte!


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