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LITERARY LOCALS | Steve Guarino of Aurora

STEVE GUARINO, AURORA Make Peace with Panic Naturally Aurora resident, Steve Guarino, knows first-hand what it feels like to suffer from stress overload, anxiety and panic attacks. “So many people struggle with this condition but are afraid to talk about it because they’re concerned they will be judged,” explains Steve. “It’s one of those conditions you live with privately, all the while it’s eating you up inside and controlling your life. The fear of having a panic attack causes sufferers to not do the things they want to do.”

Steve, a certified life and business coach as well as a business owner, researched and experimented to find natural solutions to help successfully free himself of his attacks. His book, “Make Peace with Panic Naturally”, is a tool to provide not only solutions to those people who are suffering from anxiety, but also a better understanding of the condition for loved ones who want to support their recovery.

The inspiration to write the book came to him in the middle of the night. “I would wake at one or two a.m. with thoughts I knew I needed to share,” says Steve. “My writing is more like dictating. When I have a thought, I pick up the phone and start recording my ideas. I had to start sleeping with my phone close at hand.”

Through all his recorded notes, culmination of research and personal experience, Steve assembled a book with a nice, easy-to-read format. It is focused on his most effective methods for relieving the symptoms of severe anxiety to start sufferers on their road to a more peaceful life. This is Steve’s first book, and he worked with many talented people and Amazon to publish his efforts. The book can now be found on and his website, –Mindy Kyle

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