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LIFESTYLE | Inviting Women of Strength to Share their Message


Glancer Magazine has a new favorite feature that premiered in January and we're inviting west suburban women to be a part of it! We're looking for area residents to share a message of reflection focusing on a time in their life when they showed immense strength, inspiring our readers that they, too, can overcome whatever life presents to them.

Each message will be brief in length, but long lasting in meaning and will be accompanied by a beautiful photo. If you are interested in sharing your message of strength and being part of an inspirational and empowering recurring monthly feature in 2017, please click the link below to complete our form.

Published messages will be personal submissions sent in by our readers sharing a brief message of strength and inspiration through their own experiences. This feature is meant to inspire others & to share just how strong women can be at times via short, yet heartfelt messages sent in by our readers.

Authors of chosen stories will be notified prior to publication.

JANUARY 2017 Messages of Strength

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