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MODERN HOUSEWIVES | Naperville, May 2016


NAPERVILLE AREA – Let’s face it, as much as we try to un-tether ourselves (and our kids) and say we could walk away in a heartbeat, we are hopelessly and utterly dependent on our devices. Whether it be a phone, tablet or laptop, there’s no denying our addiction and obsession.

In your mom’s purse you may have found her wallet, checkbook, coupon book, calendar, a notebook and maybe even an address book. Guess where all that information is now? Yep, on your phone and at your fingertips.

Today’s moms are savvy and systematic. We don’t shop without a coupon, we find one on our phones! We schedule appointments and pay bills, on our phone! We order groceries, hold conference calls and sharpen our spelling skills, on our phone!

Until we drop said phone. On the concrete. Upside down. While carrying 47 bags of groceries to avoid making two trips. Hypothetically speaking, of course.

When that happens, if you’re not due for a phone upgrade, head to uBreakiFix (118 S Webster Street). More reliable than the kiosk at the mall, these guys will have you fixed up and back to Pinterest in no time.

Your other option, of course, is to splurge at the Apple Store (120 W. Jefferson) on the best and newest phone. The Genius Bar will help you transfer all your data and you’ll be back up and running at full speed, probably faster speed, than before.

Now, if you’re like me, and work at home, sometimes you need to escape the laundry and dish piles and head somewhere to focus. Check out Jo & Doh Donuts (1292 Rickert Drive). It’s cute, quiet, has friendly faces and doughnuts, duh! Oh, and free Wifi, so you can “work” while you have some bacon maple glazed deliciousness.

However your days are filled it’s a sure bet that your device is instrumental in your survival. It’s how we all operate now. It’s just the way it is. So embrace it and use it and make it work for you. Keep your lists and your reminders updated and ready to help you be the rockstar you are.

And make two trips from the car after the next grocery trip, you’ll thank me.

ABOUT THE WRITER Katie Manker of Naperville is a wife, small business owner, sister, daughter and friend, but first and foremost she’s Mom to her red-headed mafia. You’ll find her driving the activities bus by day, and laughing and enjoying her family and friends by night. Katie’s chosen charity to receive complimentary promotion as part of our Modern Housewives program is Sgt. Tommys Kids. Learn more at

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