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LITERARY LOCALS | Glory Borgeson, Wheaton; Colleen LeMaire, Oswego; Suzanne & R.J. Ogren, Naperv


Before embarking on this literary journey, the author became concerned about the targets of workplace bullying and what people experience - enormous amounts of stress, many types of medical conditions, subtle humiliations at work, fear of losing their job or actually losing their job, and more. She wanted to create a tool in the form of a book that helps them decide what to do to get the bullying to stop, how to navigate their decision processes, how to lower their stress level, and how to know when it's best to find a new job. The book was published in 2015 and is the 7th book for Glory. This book defines workplace bullying from the standpoint of the target. Subtle bullying is so covert that targets will wonder why they're experiencing stress symptoms such as chest pain, headaches, loss of sleep, loss of concentration, and other symptoms. “My hope is that the book helps people stop the workplace bullying in their lives so that they can get back their dignity, self respect, career, and good health,” said Glory. Available at She recently published her first fiction book, "Mocked", under the pen name Liv Parker. She also has two online courses on - one course teaches how to make money from your videos on YouTube; the other is for people in their 20s on how to be smarter about their job search to win the job over heir peers.

THE “I HAVE...” SERIES Colleen LeMaire, Oswego

Colleen LeMaire grew up in St. Charles and lives in Oswego with her husband and stepdaughter. Her first book published in 2014, she has since published another with a third in the process. “I started this series because I needed it. As my stepdaughter has grown up, she has asked some tough questions. Unfortunately, many adults don’t always have the best answers, and their emotions get the best of them,” said the author, who feels very strongly about shielding children from discussions meant for adults. “Wanting to help my stepdaughter thrive, I searched high and low for a children’s book that would help her understand the grown-up topic of divorce but on a kid-friendly level. I saw a mountain of resources for adults experiencing divorce, but I saw very little for the kids,” said the author. She wants her readers to know that it’s okay to not always know the right words to say. Let these pages do the talking, and spark healthy conversations in your family. Available at I Have A Stepdad is currently in process, and from there will come I Have Two Moms, I Have Two Dads, I Have A Guardian Angel, I Have A Sibling With Special Needs, I Have A Sibling In Heaven, I Have A Transgender Parent, and more!


This is the first published work together for these local authors. Suzanne has a story in "Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Gift of Christmas (published 2010). R.J. has illustrated two books: "Willard the Wizard" (now in the Smithsonian archives), and "George C. Marshall: Soldier and Statesman" (published by the George C. Marshall Foundation). Their passion for this unique project comes from their love of all things Disney, a combined goal of working for the Disney organization, and their desire to have their unique stories shared. The book includes humorous and touching stories of both backstage and onstage magic of Walt Disney World in the 70s, 80s and 90s. It encompasses R.J.’s work as a Audio-Animatronic management artist, painting all the attraction figures, and Suzanne's work, starting on monorails, then to Characters, and eventually to Entertainment Management. Available through, Amazon, and Kindle. Also available at Anderson's Bookshop in Naperville. More books are on the horizon for each of the authors– some of them will be Disney themed.

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