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COVER FEATURE | A Drury Design Kitchen

YOUR KITCHEN IS YOUR HOME’S SIGNATURE “Our clients often expect us to start the design process by choosing colors or cabinetry,” says Gail Drury, who brings over 35 years of experience to Drury Design Kitchen & Bath Studio and holds the industry’s highest professional design certification - certified master kitchen and bath designer (CMKBD). “But we begin by gathering information – about their space, their family’s lifestyle and their cooking personality – only then do we detail it into concepts, allowing homeowners to select elements such as colors and materials. That way the final design reflects each homeowner’s distinct personality… as chefs, entertainers, parents or home managers.”

And that is the brilliance that is Drury Design - their four-step methodology which is designed to cover the most ground and simultaneously make the clients’ experience as effortless as possible.

“This particular family was looking for a very family-oriented space,” says Gail. “The husband was very involved because he does most of the cooking – everything was about accessibility and having the right accessories in the right places. But the space was also a designated social space. Anything from Boy Scout troop meetings to book club get-togethers to nightly homework sessions all had to be accommodated in the overall design.”

And in keeping with Drury Designs' ever-present commitment to staying fresh and current, there are some new and exciting design trends that Drury is incorporating in their projects.

“Simple and clean lines are still in and white is still the #1 cabinet color,” says Jim Drury, co-owner and studio manager. “But we’re seeing a lot of combining different materials, such as painted cabinets mixed with stained cabinets, and believe that this is a trend that is here to stay." Jim also notes that there is a renewed emphasis on lighting. “Lighting can make or break any design so we stay current and offer homeowners new concepts such as “invisible” canned lighting and low voltage LED lighting that can literally be placed anywhere.”

The Drury Design website profiles a large portfolio of kitchen design projects, or homeowners can visit their 7,500-square-foot showroom to see some of their award-winning displays.

Drury Design Kitchen & Bath Studio 512 N. Main St., Glen Ellyn (630) 469-4980,

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