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I’m experiencing what you might call “technical difficulties” with my hair. I won’t go on and on (ok, maybe I will) but those of you who read me regularly know that I tend to participate in the antics of a mad woman. And I have news…this month shall be no different.

First and foremost, it’s not that I don’t love my Bon Jovi hair – I do! At times, it borders on ridiculousness how much I love its big, bad boldness. However, one caveat - I have to be in the mood. Take for instance a rainy day…or when I’m going on a job interview…or wait - formal tea in one of Chicago’s most elegant tea rooms. The last thing I want is a big bushel of bizarreness sitting atop my head when sitting down for tea. In that moment, my hair should say Lady Di, not Lady Gaga.

So I went on a quest in search of something to tame my tangled tresses. And then it came to me – like a dream in the night, an oasis in the desert…an air guitar in the middle of a rock concert. Maybe a blowout is the new Bon Jovi?

So I landed in a little beauty of a space in downtown St. Charles called Bombshell Blowout Boutique and Spa- home to the most fabulous blow out a girl could ever dream of. Ooh-la-la, who knew hair heaven was just around the corner? This finishing hotspot is everything social media has promised and more. So chic and sophisticated…not to mention, they give you champagne (and it ain’t the cheap stuff)!

What is a blowout, you may ask? Well, it is so much more than just drying your hair. A true blow out leaves your hair straight yet bouncy and full of volume & shine. Its awesomeness lasts about two days, which is oh-so-sweet, especially when you have back-to-back fun planned on a busy weekend.

Their sophisticated stylists are the masters of the round brush and the queens of the blow dryer. With the roll of a brush, or the flick of a wand, this hot trend takes an average of 20-40 minutes to complete depending on hair length and costs $35. You can add a Moroccan Oil scalp treatment or hydrating mask for $15, adding more pampering to the already magnificent experience.

So there you have it, ladies. My quest has been fulfilled, in a “Bombshell Blowout” kind of way. This trip to the salon was just the break that my Bon Jovi hair and I needed. Stay sassy (and classy) Glancer girls!

OVERVIEW Bombshell Blowout Boutique is a finishing salon in the heart of downtown St. Charles offering affordable blowouts, waxing, massage, facials, make-up and more! Located at 1 West Illinois St Suite 180, Downtown St Charles;

about the writer

Tiffany Schultz resides in Sugar Grove with her husband, two kids and Shih Tzu. While seeking balance between her dueling roles as wife, mother, daughter, friend and professional, Tiffany spends as much time as possible daydreaming on her screen porch. She enjoys cooking, traveling and yoga and hopes to one day learn Italian and make the perfect crème brulee.


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