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7 SPECTACULAR | Must Visit Shops for Local Decor

Is your home suffering from an acute case of “cabin fever”? Well then it’s time to bid your home’s winter malaise adieu, and say hello to a lighter and perkier spring style. These impactful yet simple design updates will return the spring to your home’s step in no time!

1. Artwork For The Floor

Looking to redecorate and don’t know where to begin? Do you pick the paint color? Buy or rearrange the furniture? Set the tone with new accessories? According to , consider buying the area rug first (they call it “artwork for the floor”). With a new floor covering, the sky is the limit as you can then decorate the rest of the room with paint, throw pillows, and other accessories around the colors and patterns in the rug. Strawflower Shop & Rug Merchant – Geneva,

2. Unique Custom Window Treatments

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the windows in your home can definitely be considered the eyes of any room. And what better way to express a room’s personality than through unique window treatments? Bold patterns signal family fun, while tailored and elegant are stately, and perfect for a formal dining room. Nona Jo’s – Naperville,

3. Florals Add Color and Vibrancy

The first real signs of spring usually include birds chirping, humid warmth in the air, and new growth emerging from the soil. If you want to bring that feeling of rebirth and rejuvenation inside, it can be as simple as dotting your home’s landscape with a touch of green. Silk floral arrangements in various shapes, colors, and sizes are just the right addition for a light, springy feel. Max Logan’s Home Accents – Downers Grove,

4. Big Chunky Pieces

We’re seeing more big chunky pieces these days, serving as unique and eclectic centerpieces and focal points in people’s homes. Oversized ottomans covered in bold patterns or colors, stocky or brightly painted antique trunks, or a set of lacquered nesting tables can add a playful element to any room. Home Again Resale Shop – Wheaton,

5. Unique Pairings

The easiest way to add a touch of whimsy to a room is to pick a color palette that is surprising. Among the favorite dynamic duos on turquoise and tangerine, violet and marigold, and cobalt blue and fuchsia. Not in the mood to lug out the brushes and paint? Update your room using accessories such as vases, frames, and wall art in these striking color combinations. The Marmalade Tree – Oswego,

6. Vintage Collectibles and Other Antiques

If you consider yourself on-trend, but would like to incorporate a little “old-school” in your home’s style, you may want to think about vintage collectibles. To really add integrity to your design style, we checked with, and found that their editors give the nod to such budget-friendly items as antique dinnerware, ceramic figurines and utensils, and miniature busts. The Perfect Thing – Wheaton,

7. Upcyling

What is upcycling? According to it is the process of converting old or discarded materials into something useful and beautiful. So, for example, who knew that you could stack a couple pieces of old luggage or use a vintage trunk to create a stylish nightstand? Or adorn the front of an antique decorative bird cage with hooks and clips to serve as a chic jewelry holder? Red Foxes Boutique – St. Charles,

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