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I have only been to the drive-in theater two times in my life - once when I was on vacation as a child and once with my friends in high school. Then, I sort of forgot drive-ins even existed anymore; until recently when a neighbor posted an invitation on Facebook. Instantly the memories came flooding back. Although, I couldn’t go that night with my neighbor, I was destined to ensure the drive-in theater also became a childhood memory for my own girls. With my new found knowledge that Tuesday was bargain night, I planned accordingly so I could see a double feature for $14 for my carload - which could also include FIDO since pets are welcome too!

The excitement ensued as we packed the minivan with chairs, blankets, snacks, and drinks. Yes folks – that is indeed one of my favorite parts – not having to buy a $10 bucket of popcorn and a $6 soda for each of the four members of my family; or having to bring my extra-large purse (if you know what I mean)! You can even come early and use one of their new Bar B Q grills in the picnic area to cook up some dinner to enjoy during the show. Actually, I would recommend coming early anyway in order to secure a great spot in the parking lot. SUVs and Vans are limited to rows 5 and back, but getting in row 5 is highly recommended for a better view. Row 5 is also near the bathrooms and concession stand for your added convenience!

And don’t forget your cash because credit cards are not accepted! As you can see by the picture, the girls were thrilled with their theater seats on top of our van. Although not a problem for us that evening, I have been told they don’t allow people on top of their cars and you could possibly be ejected without refund – so choose your seats at your own risk! Option B - Joe and I sat comfortably in our chairs and cuddled with blankets under the stars. Joe was impressed with the picture quality (totally a guy thing to say) and the little speakers that hook on your car windows are still exactly the same. You can also listen through your in-car speakers via 88.5 FM. Since the drive-in is open nearly year-round, it’s a great adventure for any time of year!


The Cascade Drive-In offers parking for 1200+ cars, digital projection and an all new snack stand featuring Chicago style hot dogs, handmade tamales, as well as traditional items.

Cascade Drive-In, 1100 E. North Avenue, West Chicago, IL 60185

Phone: 630-231-3151


Hours: Open 7 Nights a week April through December in June, July & August; Weekends in Spring & Fall. Box Office opens at 7 p.m.

Prices: Cash only! Admission price for two features.

Free Under 5; Adults - $9.00; Children (ages 5-11) - $5.00; Bargain Tuesdays $14 Per Carload Upon Request Only! Description:

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