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Look at the photo. Where do you think we are? Would you ever guess inside of a McDonalds?

When you think of a McDonalds Playland, you may think of the typical tunnel system, and possibly a mini-playhouse for toddlers. Well, McDonalds has not only supersized their food, but they have supersized their playland with the R Gym in Woodridge. For the price of lunch or a snack, your kids will also benefit from the great play area.

The R Gym promotes physical activity for all ages. You can go with a 1 year old and a 12 year old and both can have a blast. There are different sections of the gym. The various sections are referred to as the Active Zone, the Sports Zone, and the Toddler Zone. There is also the Parent Zone with comfortable seating among the regular tables and chairs for dining. Inside you will find a mini basketball court, an air hockey table, an interactive skateboard video game, a climbing system, an infant/toddler area, plus a hanging bar that will calculate how many seconds you are able to hold on. The climbing system is airy and open; it is more of a platform system, so older children can maneuver around easily. Even I can fit inside the climber system comfortably! The layout of the gym and the design features allow for the infant/toddler area to be somewhat separate, so the little ones don’t get trampled by the older ones running, jumping, and climbing. Did I mention I love this place because it is great for a wide variety of ages? Plus with the dollar menu, it’s a great place to stop for ice cream!

If you are really bored and feeling trapped this winter, use their website and enter your zip code. Find all of the play places near you. There happen to be 15 locations with play structures within 18 miles of zip code 60564. That’s 15 cheap and quick adventures in my book, as well as an immediate back up plan for a rainy day!

The McDonalds R Gym is located at near I-355 and 75th Street in Woodridge. The exact address is 2310 W. 75th Street, Woodridge, IL 60517. Phone number is 630-852-3546. They are open Sunday through Saturday 4:00am-10:00pm. So if you have early risers, get up and go; if the kids won’t sleep, go late, stay late, and burn some energy!

  • Kristen Kucharski

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