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EUREKA! How do you entertain five children plus your husband? Go to Monkey Island in Melrose Park. Oh yes, you read it correctly. I am not sure who had more fun, the kids or my husband. With 41,000 square feet of entertainment, who wouldn’t have fun! It is considered one of Chicago’s largest Indoor Playgrounds and designed for infants and up.

So the big hit for the older kids and my husband was the indoor soccer play area. Two goals, plenty of soccer balls, and an enclosed playing area provided an excellent arena for running, kicking, and competiveness. Other favorites were the football target throw, soccer kick target, air hockey, foosball, and the super slide. There was also an inflatable obstacle course called the Adrenaline Rush, a Jurassic Park inflatable that had bouncing animals, a rock wall, and a slide, a Curious George obstacle jumper, and a regular moon jump. Also inside is a huge climber system of platforms, bridges, ropes, nets, tunnels, slides, and ramps.

The toddler and infant area offers a variety of entertainment for little ones as well. There is an infant swing and bouncer. There is a little kitchen with lots of doors to open and close. A unit similar to a Little Tikes cube and slide system and tunnels are also included. There is a large inflatable called Toddler Rescue Town which houses inflatable helicopters, ambulance, police car, and fire truck slide. In my opinion, this area is ideal for under the age of 3.

Completing all this fun are clean bathrooms, hundreds of tables and chairs, free Wi-Fi internet access, and a coffee lounge with pizza, hot dogs, ice cream, beverages, and monkey coffee.

Monkey Island is located at 2100 N. 15th Avenue, Melrose Park, IL 60160. Their phone number is 708-344-4803. Website is Their hours do fluctuate with holidays and days of school, so call ahead for earlier opening times, such as 10am. Normal hours are Monday 4-8pm, Tuesday-Sunday 12-9pm. All inclusive admission is $8/child and $4/adult. Under 2 and parking are free. Watch out for parking though. They are located in an industrial area and share parking with a trucking company that comes and goes regularly. They tow cars that are blocking their way.

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