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DR. JULIE LOGAN | Wheaton/Naperville Health Influencer to Know In 2019

December 31, 2018



WHEATON/NAPERVILLE–Long-time Wheaton resident, Dr. Julie Logan, once suffered from a chronic autoimmune disease and a child diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Through biomedical therapies that focus on addressing underlying medical, nutritional and environmental issues, she and her son recovered from their conditions to live fuller, healthier lives. Now, it is her passion to help others along the same path that brought her family out of their illness.


Once owning her own chiropractic business, Dr. Logan has transferred all her hours to working at the True Health Medical Center in Naperville with owner and colleague, Dr. Anju Usman-Singh. The center focuses on biomedical/integrative approaches to helping patients address the root causes of their health issues. Their patients are primarily children with special needs, including children with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, PANDAS, ADHD, and allergies.  They also treat people of all ages with chronic diseases such as autoimmune conditions, thyroid disease, Lyme, and environmental issues.  


Prior to suffering from her autoimmune disease, Dr. Logan was a career triathlete.  She was determined to do whatever she needed to allow her to compete again.  “Healing is always possible when you put in the work,” says Dr. Logan.  “Having suffered broken health once, it is worth doing whatever it takes to stay healthy.”  


Feeling strong, she now continues to compete in triathlons and cycling races, and this past year, competed for the USA in the Duathlon World Championships.  Her favorite part of her practice is watching people break free of their symptoms, especially when they’ve been told they will never get better.  

–Mindy Kyle, Photos by Mike Mantucca



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