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DR. MOM | Meet Dr. Kelly Smith



Dr. Kelly Smith


Leaving the house at 6pm, arriving back at 8am and caring for a husband and five children can be a struggle,  but Dr. Kelly Smith works hard to balance the many aspects of life as a physician and mother. 


Dr. Smith has one child of her own– a 4 month old– as well as 4 stepchildren ages 9-16. With a typical work day being from 7pm to 7am working in Rush Copley’s emergency room, life can be very exhausting at times. When asking Dr. Smith how she makes it all work she replied, “I have a sitter one day a week and my husband is home on the weekends, so I can sleep,” she said. 


Even on her days off, Dr. Smith still has a full schedule of everyday duties as a mother and wife. “I’m kept busy with my infant, then preparing dinner for my stepchildren on Tuesday and Thursdays,” she spoke about her schedule on her days off. Dr. Smith shared that she always tries to have a home cooked meal prepared for the kids whenever she is home, representing her love for her children and their healthy lifestyle. 


During Dr. Smith’s college years, her hopes of being a physician came about. “I loved the idea that my knowledge can improve someone’s life,” Dr. Smith shared her passion for her job. “Being a physician allows me to use my skills to solve incredibly complex and fascinating disease processes,” she explained. 


On top of Dr. Smith’s countless dreams for her future, her main goal is to raise a happy, healthy, kind and smart daughter. Regarding her daughter’s future, she explained “I would support my child becoming a doctor if it was a passion of hers.” Dr. Smith continued her statement with her thoughts about the changed world of medicine today. “Unfortunately, medicine isn’t as pure as it used to be,” explaining with a tone of disappointment. 


To Dr. Smith she sees medicine as being tainted by insurance companies, the huge risk of litigation, an insane number of administrators and bureaucrats, and high drug costs. However, these changing factors to the world of medicine do not change Dr. Smith’s dedication or passion for her occupation. She simply cannot foreshadow how the medical field may evolve when her daughter has grown, but Dr. Smith will support her daughter and stepchildren no matter the path they choose in life. 



Amanda Pavletic of Naperville is an incoming senior at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan where she is studying Health Communications, hoping to follow her dreams of working in Public Relations/Communications with a health emphasis. Amanda is Glancer Magazine’s 2018 Editorial Intern who will be writing a new feature column titled "Dr. Mom" where she will highlight a west suburban area mom who is also a medical physician. Amanda will focus on a day in the life of each Dr. Mom and will share about her medical practice as well. Amanda plays club soccer at Grand Valley and loves to exercise in her spare time. She also enjoys reading, writing, cooking, and playing with her dog, Wrigley, an 8-month-old mini Pomadoodle. Dr. Mom will appear in each issue of Glancer Magazine from June through September. Subscribe today so you don't miss out on Amanda's informative, unique and totally captivating column. 




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