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KID STUFF | Winter Fun for Kids of All Ages


Happy February! Even though love is in the air, the air is still wintery cold. If your kids are experiencing cabin fever this season, no worries. We’ve got you covered with this fabulously fun page filled with lots of action-packed things to do. Share this feature with friends online and in social media. Visit us today!


Love to Play, Love to Learn at DuPage Children’s Museum
NAPERVILLE– With February being the month of love, why not focus on the love of play? Play is one activity the whole family can do together. Ignite a lifelong love for learning by making it fun and doing it together… Explore, create, build, wonder, discover, think, play, and more at DuPage Children’s Museum, where every visit is a new adventure with learning built right in., (630) 637-8000


Choosy Suzy’s Bully Prevention Show

March 22 • 9:30am-Noon • $8.50
AURORA–Choosy Suzy says: Bullies are a Pain in the Brain! And every child needs to know what to do when confronted by one. Choosy Suzy reassures kids that they’re not alone and it’s not their fault if a bully decides to pick on them. She blends hip humor, magic and music with serious, practical suggestions for coping with bullies and helps kids discover the secrets for becoming “Bully-Proof.” Best of all, Choosy Suzy’s Bully Prevention Show is exciting, fast paced and filled with the kind of comic audience interaction that kids love! Based on the bestselling book Stick up for Yourself! By Gershen Kaufman, PH.D., Choosy Suzy’s Bully Prevention Show has been proven to reduce bullying behaviors by half while doubling tolerance, increasing cooperation and promoting kind words. This means happier, safer children both in school and on buses! For grades 4-8.


Kid’s Night Out: Sweet Hearts

Friday, Feb 16 • 6-9pm 

NAPERVILLE – Enjoy the night out while your children enjoy a night filled with Valentine fun. They’ll make hearts, write Valentine letters to their parents, play Heart and Seek, Heart Beat and more. Dinner and juice are provided. Fort Hill Activity Center Fitness members must register in person or over the phone to receive their discount. Ages: 4-12, Fort Hill Childcare • 20 Fort Hill Dr., Naperville . Fee: $25 for Naperville Residents/$38 for Nonresidents, Activity Code 21630.


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