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Back in September 2016 I wrote about a Washington producer, Force Majeure, the wine maker Todd and his wife Carrie Alexander. I boasted about how much I adored the wine and since Todd was recently hired and was not a part of the wine I tasted then, I was excited to try the juice he produced. Well that time has come and I could not have been any more excited. 
I tasted 2 Red Mountain blends from him both being 2014, “Parabellum” by Force Majeure. One is a Bordeaux style blend of 42% Merlot, 35% Cabernet Sauvignon and 23% Cabernet Franc while the other, a Rhone style blend, of 61% Syrah and 39% Mourvedre. 

The Bordeaux style blend has aromas of dark and deep black berries, warm blueberries, vanilla extract and oak. This has robust flavors of blueberries, more dark fruits show with generous tannins. I should warn you, this needs to breath, decant for at least an hour. Although I enjoyed this immensely, this is something you’ll want to age (up to ten years). It was rated 91 points from Wine Advocate but when it matures could easily hit the upper 90’s in my opinion. SRP $55

The Rhone style blend is another champ with notes of mushrooms, ink, oak and some vegetal, tasting more of the “process” verses the fruit. And yes, another wine that should be decanted for an hour and something you’ll want to age for years. SRP $45

The 2014 Parabellum wines are as astonishing as the wine maker, Todd! I hear he’s coming into Chicago soon and I’m looking forward to catching up with him over dinner while knocking back a few bottles of wine. Sláinte! 

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