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COVER STORY | 5 Therapists Who Can Help



JANUARY 2017 – Talking with a therapist or counselor can help you deal with thoughts, behaviors, symptoms, stresses, goals, past experiences and other areas that can promote positive daily living. Of course, talking with a therapist about personal issues can be tough, but it can help you manage situations happening in your life. It can also offer an emotional release and a sense of really being heard, understood and supported. Therapy can help you to feel stronger in the face of challenges, change behaviors that hold you back, look at ways of thinking that affect how you feel, heal pains from the past, build relationship skills, figure out your goals, strengthen your self-confidence, cope with symptoms, handle strong emotions like fear, grief or anger, enhance your problem solving skills and more. Here, we feature 5 suburban therapists that can help.


Jada B. Hudson
Hudson Clinical Counseling

SUGAR GROVE & HINSDALE – Jada Hudson (top left) has always known that she was meant to walk beside others through life’s most difficult moments.  Her love for psychology solidified her choice to become a licensed clinical professional counselor and certified alcohol and drug counselor.  As far as life’s difficult moments, she has honed her skills around some of the toughest – working with first responders such as, fire fighters, police, dispatch and correctional officers.  She has extensive training to provide thorough care in the areas of occupational stress, PTSD, substance abuse and pediatric death.   “I feel my training has set me apart as uniquely able to care for first responders and their families,” says Jada.
Her one-on-one counseling sessions are what she enjoys most as she best gets to know her clients and the life changes they are facing.  Jada comments, “One of our most basic needs is physical safety.  That’s what first responders do – they provide physical safety.  It is my honor to help them.”  –Mindy Kyle


Sarah Ridenour, LCSW
Waterford Counseling and Psychological Services

AURORA – Sarah Ridenour (top middle) has been a practicing therapist for 23 years.  She has always been interested in people’s life stories and finds it extremely gratifying to assist her clients in resolving their issues.  Sarah specializes in mood disorders, including anxiety and depressive disorders, adjustment disorders and bi-polar affective disorders.  “I really enjoy helping clients develop and improve their coping skills,” says Sarah.  “It creates significant growth that allows them to become much happier and thriving people.”
Sarah considers their group practice unique because they have providers with many different clinical backgrounds.  She and some of her other colleagues also provide the often needed EAP (Employee Assistance Program) services.  She is proud of the difference she has made in her clients’ lives.  “I recently heard from a parent of a teenager I worked with years ago,” Sarah commented.  “The teen decided to become a therapist because of the work we did together.”  –Mindy Kyle


Mansi Sant
Natural Motivations

NAPERVILLE – Feeling helpless after watching family and friends experience a variety of mental health issues, Mansi Sant (top right) wanted to support anyone experiencing these difficulties.  She took the step to getting a Master’s Degree in psychology and immediately began practicing what she learned, building a strong experiential foundation.
“My holistic, strength based, and direct therapeutic approach works the entire individual,” Mansi says.  “Mental illness does not need to put a stop in living your meaningful life.”  Her objective as the owner and president of her own mental health private practice, Mansi Sant, MA, LCPC, is to always help the individual achieve their goals despite their struggles.
She finds her own personal reprieve at home with her husband and young children.  “My kids help me sustain a positive daily attitude,” Mansi says.  “When I come home, their smiling faces keep me present, focused, and grounded. They are my stress relievers!” -Kristen Kucharski


Dr. Diane Goodman

GENEVA – When Dr. Diane Goodman (bottom right) was a young woman, she joined a women’s empowerment group. The personal growth she experienced transformed her thinking and behavior so positively that she wanted to help others learn about and make changes in themselves through self-exploration. “I believe choosing to go to therapy puts a person in a position of power from within and nurtures greater self-care,” says Dr. Goodman.
Her practice specialty includes relationship therapy (dating, engaged, married, LGBTQ) and individual therapy.  She works with couples on how to listen and speak to each other in ways that promote intimacy and healing.  Dr. Goodman feels that part of what sets her apart as a good psychologist is her own continued psychotherapy.  “This commitment to myself helps me to be a more present and conscious psychologist because I have stayed on the road of personal growth as a person.” –Mindy Kyle

Tiffany Everage
Stenzel Clinical

WHEATON – Although she is a Chicago resident, Tiffany Everage (bottom left) and her family traveled to Wheaton Christian Center for church where she grew up as an active member in the youth group and would often volunteer at local outreaches at the time.  Grounded in faith, Tiffany was always passionate about talking to people and helping them through problems. “I was fascinated by the power of the mind,” she says.  
Currently employed at Stenzel Clinical in Wheaton, Tiffany specializes in Alcohol and Drug Counseling, as well as Couples & Family Therapy.  “I think it takes so much courage to identify that you need help, and ask for it,” she says.  “It can feel so overwhelming to face our challenges on our own.”
Tiffany admits that even her own days are not perfect, but believes that self-care directly impacts her ability to take care of others.  She practices mindfulness daily, maintains a strong faith foundation, and lives life on purpose! 

–Kristen Kucharski


Photos by Veronica Adams

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