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FOR SALE | Historic Arlington Park Hits the Market

STORIED VENUE GOES ON SALE, 2021 RACE SCHEDULE STILL ON This week we learned that the owners of Arlington Park – one of the most historic and storied tracks in America – have put the Chicago venue up for sale. News broke on Tuesday as Churchill Downs Incorporated (CDI) began the selling process for the 326-acre site in Illinois that has hosted racing since 1927 and welcomed some of the sport's biggest names, including legendary Triple Crown hero Secretariat, who followed his record-breaking Belmont Stakes win in 1973 by romping to victory in the track's Arlington Invitational. “Arlington’s ideal location in Chicago’s northwest suburbs, together with direct access to downtown Chicago via an on-site Metra rail station, presents a unique redevelopment opportunity. We expect to see robust interest in the site and look forward to working with potential buyers, in collaboration with the Village of Arlington Heights, to transition this storied location to its next phase,” Bill Carstanjen, CEO of Churchill Downs Incorporated, said in a statement, as reported by CBS-Chicago. “In the meantime, we are very committed to pursuing the relocation of Arlington’s racing license to another community in the Chicagoland area or elsewhere in the state. We are exploring potential options with the State and other constituents and remain optimistic that we can find solutions that work for the State, local communities and the thousands of Illinoisans who make their living directly or indirectly from thoroughbred horse racing. We are committed to the Illinois thoroughbred racing industry and will consider all options in working toward opportunities for it to continue into the future.” Arlington Racecourse currently is serving as a COVID-19 testing site for the State of Illinois. LEARN MORE AT CBS-CHICAGO DUPAGE KANE KENDALL

STILL NO PLAN | Parents Express Discontent at Monday's Kaneland District 302 School Board Meeting

NO PLAN IN PLACE FOR FULL-DAY / IN-PERSON LEARNING, PARENTS ADDRESS BOARD Parents came together in Sugar Grove Monday evening as Kaneland District 302 held its school board meeting at Harter Middle School while live streaming it at More than 50 parents were in attendance in the cafeteria with an overflow room down the hall. Several discontent parents spoke during the initial public comments section of the meeting highlighting their concern that school is not yet operating under a Full-Day / In-Person model, despite Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s Restore Illinois Phase 4 plan. During the meeting, Dr. Sarah Mumm, Director of Educational Services K-5 and Patrick Raleigh, Director of Educational Services 6-12 presented an Academic Learning/Loss Report to the board indicating some areas of failure, particularly among 8th grade and high school students. Other report findings showed that district-wide overall test scores were positive using the i-Ready online assessment program. An impact report on mental health was not available, as SEL was not presented. Board Vice President, Ryan Kerry, requested that a report on SEL be provided in the March meeting rather than waiting until the April meeting, which is on the current agenda. Future Learning Survey Results Superintendent Dr. Todd Leden shared the results of a survey conducted last month that asked Kaneland parents for their input regarding the 2021-2022 school year learning model. Out of 2,491, the results indicate that 86% prefer a full 5-day learning plan, 8.1% prefer hybrid with the remaining percentage preferring homeschool, private school or other options. Two of the seven board members in attendance, Aaron Lawler and Teresa Witt, questioned the integrity of the survey, to which Leden indicated that this survey was not name-based and while multiple responses were possible per parent, he trusted the integrity of the parents who completed the survey. The meeting concluded with more public comments by parents who were expressing their disappointment. These specific concerns are highlighted below. The general concern of parents, as stated by many who spoke, is that there is no plan currently in place to move towards a Full-Day / In-Person model in accordance to the guidelines posted by IDPH, but rather families are seeing a continued focus on the current Hybrid A-B / Remote model with additions being made to better serve this model, such as after school tutoring and summer school enhancements vs. implementing plans to work towards a Full-Day / In-Person model such as putting a committee in place, along with additional safety enhancements to operate all 5 days (i.e. plexiglass, space restructuring, etc.). Harter Middle School Cafeteria PARENTAL CONCERNS SHARED WITH THE KANELAND SCHOOL BOARD Tonya Groezinger, a Maple Park resident, opened public comments by referencing the petition that she initiated with Kim Harner of Sugar Grove less than two weeks ago and now has close to 900 signatures. The petition implores the Kaneland District 302 School Board to ‘'please take action for Kaneland students by offering a full-time in-person school option', while also recognizing that parents should have a choice if remote learning works better for their family. Many in attendance Monday night were disheartened that the school board did not address the petition in any way during the meeting, nor was it added to the agenda for the next school board meeting. Groezinger also cited that many other neighboring school districts have made ‘returning to school on a 5-day basis’ a priority by using creative measures and making necessary changes to make it happen within the posted state guidelines. These districts include Yorkville, St. Charles, Batavia and many private schools. Jennifer Hogan Shaw, Sugar Grove Jennifer Hogan Shaw of Sugar Grove addressed the board by refuting a response she received from Dr. Sarah Mumm in early February in regards to why Kaneland was not yet full-time for the families who want it, but other neighboring districts are, expressing her deep concern for the reasons she was given. Shaw shared with the board that she was told by Mumm that it is because there is a lack of teachers due to the full-remote structure, so Kaneland would have to pull from other resources such as RTI and Library Media Teachers and then the kids would be learning from unqualified teachers. Shaw indicated to the board that a degreed teaching professional in a full-time school setting would better serve Kaneland students vs. parents, grandparents and neighbors teaching them who know very little about teaching. Shaw was also told that while other school districts have converted their larger spaces into classroom settings to accommodate social distancing, if Kaneland did this then students would need to take Physical Education in classrooms and not gym spaces, impacting library time as well due to the same reason. Shaw indicated to the board that kids are currently taking PE class alone in their dining room or living room, often times via a shared YouTube link, which has far greater limitations and negative social–emotional impact on children, than taking PE in a classroom with their peers. Additionally, Shaw shared that she was told that while another district brings students in for five days with the day ending at 12:30pm, Kaneland cannot do this due to daycare issues and bus capacity since Kaneland is 147 square miles. Shaw refuted this as well, indicating to the board that parents are already forced to get daycare and hired help – or miss work entirely – due to the Hybrid A-B model. Shaw also noted at the conclusion of the meeting, that since the administration requested additional funding for summer school bussing and after school tutoring, the focus continues to be taken away from planning for a Full-Day / In-Person model, and instead supports the deficit caused by the Hybrid A-B model. Shaw spoke again prior to the conclusion of the meeting, adding, "Knowing that over 400 teachers and staff received their first vaccination over a week ago, I encourage you to think twice about the reasons you are saying NO and start being proactive and finding solutions for our children to return back to school full time in person for the remainder of the school year. For our children to have some normalcy and consistency and mentally feel good again, let them finish the school year off full time in person! This hybrid plan has already set our children behind academically and that falls on you, Kaneland District 302 School Board. It’s time to change it!" Harter Middle School Cafeteria Earlier in the meeting, a father of a Kaneland 5th grader pointed out that the phrase displayed on the wall in the cafeteria at Harter Middle School could not be farther from what is actually currently happening for our students, indicating that they deserve a better education than this. It reads “KHMS Students are Working to Graduate College, Career and Community Ready.” Kaneland Dad, Chris Bateman from Elburn also shared his concerns with the board regarding the Hybrid A-B model and the effects is has had on his family, particularly his 8 year old daughter who attends Blackberry Elementary School. He brought along some questions that she gave to him for the Board. She asked: • “Why do we have to wear masks if we are 6 feet away?” • “Why can we touch each outside, but not inside?” • “Why do they clean the balls not the playground?” • “Why can’t we go back to school except on Wednesday?” “I began reaching out to the School Board and Superintendent’s Office with questions regarding what a return to full time, in person learning plan would look like in October. It is extremely disappointing and frustrating that there is still no plan and no communication with the parents,“ Bateman shared following the meeting. Photo Provided by Chris Bateman, Elburn Kaneland mom, Lindy Kleivo of Sugar Grove, attended with her high school daughter in hopes that the petition citing parental concerns would be addressed, but expressed her dismay following the meeting after there was no mention of it at all by the Board. “As a mom of 3 girls, one with an IEP who has been attending school full-time, in-person for all 5 days since August, I was hoping that more regard would have been shown towards the many parents who have very valid concerns regarding a Full-Time / In-Person plan. Many of these parents signed a petition so they could be heard, which is their right, not so they could become unfairly targeted by those who don't agree with what's best for their family. Sadly, this petition continues to be ignored by the Board," she shared. Kleivo added, "It seems like the District is allocating funds in a reactive manner instead of being proactive. If they don’t have enough teachers to cover full-day for the families who want and need it, while still being able to offer remote learning, then they need to hire more teachers instead of allocating the funds to remedy the deficit caused by the Hybrid/A-B model with no real plan in place – tutoring after school and extended summer school cannot possibly be the answer. With masks, along with the other safety guidelines the state has issued, the solution is simple – open school 5 days a week and stop doing this to our children. First Grade Remote Work, Kaneland John Shields Elementary School "My first grader is given a packet to complete for her remote days– which are two, sometimes three days a week. This packet consists of 7 or 8 worksheets covering the basics. She completes this in about one hour. The rest is up to us - we try to get creative - but she gets bored and just wishes she could go to school every day like her sister does. Printed packets with zero teacher involvement on Remote Days for Hybrid students is in no way an education. I’ve also heard from several students in different grades that not all Kaneland classes are currently following a 6-foot social distancing rule. This is why it is even more disheartening to hear that the district is making this their primary reason for not returning to school when the 6-foot rule is not even happening now under a Hybrid A-B model, Parents just want answers and don't want to be treated like their valid concerns don't count” Kleivo concluded. Kim Harner, Sugar Grove Kim Harner of Sugar Grove, co-organizer of the petition and admin of the facebook group Kaneland Go Forward- Parents United, shared similar concerns with the Board as she spoke in Monday night's meeting, requesting again that there be a dedicated committee in place with the common goal of developing the Full-Time / In-Person school model. “The administration made it very clear to parents last night that they do not have a plan to get our kids back in school full-time (even in August) until the 6-foot social distancing rule changes, they are not transparent with parents, and they ignored our concerns in the petition. It was very disheartening and our kids need better than this,” Harner shared following the meeting. Overall, most parents in attendance shared that they want to be heard and want the district and the Board to start embracing a plan for Full-Time / In-Person learning sooner than later, while still offering a remote option. Though the Move-Forward movement continues to receive opposition by those who don't want a Full-Day / In-Person plan, parents remain hopeful for positive communication in the coming weeks. A Town Hall Meeting was requested of the Board Monday night. FEBRUARY 22, 2021 BOARD MEETING KANELAND MOMS START PETITION EDUCATION NEWS DUPAGE KANE KENDALL

TIGER WOODS | Pulled from Wreckage of Serious Rollover Crash Using the Jaws of Life

LOCAL TIGER WOODS FANS ARE PRAYING FOR THE GOLF ICON WHO IS CURRENTLY IN SURGERY TIGER WOODS INJURED IN CRASH: Golf legend Tiger Woods was injured in a serious car crash in Rolling Hills Estates, Calif., on Tuesday, officials said. Authorities at the scene said Woods was extricated from his vehicle using the jaws of life. DETAILS: CIVIC NEWS DUPAGE KANE KENDALL

ARTIST OF THE WEEK | Molly Walsh-Lorenzini of St. Charles

by Mindy Kyle CAPTURING THE PERSONALITIES & UNIQUENESS OF LOCAL PETS Successful pet portrait artist and animal lover, Molly Walsh-Lorenzini, uses her watercolors and colored pencils to capture the personalities and uniqueness of her clients’ beloved pets. “Seeing the joy that a pet portrait envokes and knowing that they will enjoy it for years to come is my favorite part of creating this art,” says Molly. When not working on a pet project, she uses her love of animals to create realistic wildlife portraits. Molly explains that as a teenager, she had a fascination with drawing and painting eyes, which inspired her to start taking art classes outside of school from full-time artists. Her artistry guided her to a different earlier career as a cosmetologist and small business owner for 25 years in Los Angeles with a celebrity clientele that included Brooke Shields, Maria Sharapova and Jim Carrey. The Hollywood Reporter called her “The Facialist to the Stars”. When she moved to St. Charles, she sold her business and retired from that career to start her next chapter with her husband, Michael. Now along with creating artwork, Molly teaches watercolor and colored pencil at Fine Line Creative Art Center and helps students find the joy in art. You can view more of Molly’s art and contact her at, on Facebook (Molly’s Fine Art) and on Instagram @mollysfineart. FEATURED ARTISTS DUPAGE KANE KENDALL CHICAGO

SIX FLAGS TO REOPEN | Safe, Thrilling, Outdoor Fun Set for 2021, Tsunami Surge to Debut

WORLD-RECORD BREAKING WATER COASTER WILL MAKE ITS DEBUT THIS SUMMER Six Flags Entertainment Corporation, the world’s largest regional theme park company and the largest operator of waterparks in North America, is preparing to open all of its theme parks and waterparks and welcome guests back for the 2021 season. The company is celebrating its 60th anniversary season with safety at the forefront and an impressive list of record-breaking roller coasters, thrilling rides and water attractions, innovative special events, and tasty, new culinary offerings. Opening April 24, 2021`In the Chicago Area Six Flags Great America, the Thrill Capital of the Midwest, is preparing to open to the public on April 24. Hurricane Harbor Chicago will open on May 29 and the world-record breaking water coaster, Tsunami Surge will make its debut this summer. Towering an incredible 86 feet in height, this innovative water coaster will be the tallest-of-its-kind in the world. Riders will reach a top speed of 28 miles-per-hour over 950 feet of enclosed tunnels and open-air slides with three gravity-defying blasts and five breathtaking drops. Tsunami Surge will also feature AquaLucent technology, giving riders the sensation of traveling at the speed of light as brilliant colors and dreamlike imagery heighten the ride experience. One-Day Tickets and Season Passes Six Flags will celebrate the reopening of its parks by welcoming guests back with the best Daily Ticket and Season Pass prices in years. A Season Pass pays for itself in just two visits and a Six Flags Membership includes all of the benefits of a Season Pass plus special Membership perks for an affordable monthly price. Members receive a wide range of valuable benefits such as parking on every visit, admission to all Six Flags parks, savings off almost all food and merchandise, Membership Appreciation Days, and other exclusive bonuses. Members who sign up for Six Flags Membership Rewards, the company’s loyalty program, earn points for almost everything they do at the park. Points can be redeemed for free food, merchandise, and special experiences. About Six Flags Entertainment Corporation Six Flags Entertainment Corporation is the world’s largest regional theme park company and the largest operator of waterparks in North America, with 26 parks across the United States, Mexico and Canada. For 59 years, Six Flags has entertained millions of families with world-class coasters, themed rides, thrilling waterparks and unique attractions. For more information, visit Twitter: @SixFlags Facebook: ARTS + ENTERTAINMENT DUPAGE KANE KENDALL CHICAGO

IMMERSIVE VAN GOGH | Bringing Vincent Van Gogh's Masterpieces to Life In Chicago's Gold Coast

INTERNATIONALLY ACCLAIMED 'IMMERSIVE VAN GOGH' EXHIBIT Bringing Vincent Van Gogh's Masterpieces to Life Via 500,000+ Cubic Feet of Projections Lighthouse Immersive and Impact Museums, the catalysts of the mesmerizing digital art space, brings its worldwide sensation, Immersive Van Gogh, to Chicago. Now open, the visually-striking exhibition encourages guests to experience the awe-inspiring works of post-Impressionist artist Vincent van Gogh through 500,000+ cubic feet of immersive projections, 60,600 frames of video and 90,000,000 pixels. Successful on-going exhibits are in Toronto, CAN and San Francisco– and soon it will be in Los Angeles. The exhibit is a strikingly spectacular digital art exhibition that invites audiences to "step inside" the legendary works of post-Impressionist artist Vincent van Gogh, evoking his highly emotional and chaotic inner consciousness through art, light, music, movement, and imagination. Featuring stunning towering projections that illuminate the mind of the artistic genius, the exhibition will feature a curated selection of images from Van Gogh's 2,000+ lifetime catalog of masterpieces, including Mangeurs de Pommes de Terre (The Potato Eaters, 1885), Nuit étoilée (Starry Night, 1889), Les Tournesols (Sunflowers, 1888), and La Chambre à coucher (The Bedroom, 1889). Paintings will be presented as to how the artist first saw the scenes, based on an active life and moving landscapes turned into sharp yet sweeping brush strokes. The exhibit will include illuminating projectors and Van Gogh's "head-to-toe brushstrokes" with animated details from his renowned works of art including "Self Portrait with Felt Hat" and "Starry Night." The hour-long, timed-entry, walk-through experience is designed with health and safety as a priority. Capacity will be limited in accordance with the City of Chicago's safety protocols. Additional safety precautions include touchless ticket-taking, temperature checks upon arrival, hand sanitizer stations, social distancing markers throughout the venue, and digitally projected social distancing circles on the gallery floors to ensure appropriate spacing. All guests must wear a face covering at all times during their visit. The exhibit will run mid-February through September 2021. ABOUT THE VENUE Lighthouse ArtSpace at Germania Club 108 W. Germania Pl, Chicago IL Germania Place is a historic building in the Gold Coast neighborhood of Chicago and includes a dramatic ballroom with 35 foot ceilings, large mezzanines, and detailed ornamentation. The Building was constructed in 1888 for the Germania Club by prominent Chicago Architect Addison & Fiedler. The distinctive Victoria-era architecture and abundance of ornamental detail stand-out in downtown Chicago. MORE INFORMATION ARTS + ENTERTAINMENT DUPAGE KANE KENDALL CHICAGO

WOMANISH | Discover Your "ISH" at this Multi-Level Immersive Experience In the Heart of Chicago

HEAD TO 114 STATE STREET IN CHICAGO FOR 40,000 SQ FT OF PURE INSPIRATION WOMANISH is more than an exhibit, it’s a movement that celebrates Womxn's perspectives. This experience is a culturally-inclusive safe space that provokes imagination, conversation, and change around breaking single-definition stereotypes. Step into this 5-story experience in the heart of Chicago. Your journey starts by walking through a 1950’s diner and invites you to explore the womxn experience through 10 unique perspectives. In “CENSORDISH” you will flirt with censorship in a juicy way. Color your way through “CHILDISH” and follow paper planed to a holographic, dimension in “VANISH”. MORE INFORMATION ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT DUPAGE KANE KENDALL CHICAGO

DINOS EVERYWHERE! | Brookfield Zoo Exhibit Returning March-September

Over 40 animatronic dinosaurs that are BIGGER and BADDER than ever before have arrived at Brookfield Zoo. Dinos Everywhere features acres of earth shakers, including the largest—argentinosaurus—that was estimated to measure more than 100 feet in length and weigh up to 110 tons. Through September 6, zoogoers will be able to search for these amazing life-like animatronics located throughout the park. Find The Dinos Check out the latest zoo map to see where you can find each and every dinosaur in Brookfield Zoo. Download it and keep it handy so you can keep track of each dino you find. The Dinos Everywhere exhibit was created by “Jurassic Park” advisor, Don Lessum and is on loan from Dino Don, Inc. and The Wildlife Conservation Society. Don't forget to keep an eye out for Benita. There are 12 Benita brontosauruses located throughout the dino trails. When you find one (or all 12), make sure you share them on social media! Tag #BrookfieldZoo so they know you've found them. ZOO INFORMATION ARTS + ENTERTAINMENT DUPAGE KANE KENDALL

COMING APRIL 2021 | Morton Arboretum Set to Open Large Scale Human-Nature Sculpture Exhibit

HUMAN+NATURE WILL INSPIRE AWE AND WONDER Opening April 9, 2021 LISLE–The Morton Arboretum’s next outdoor art exhibition, Human+Nature (pronounced: Human Nature), will inspire awe and wonder as it connects people and trees. Internationally renowned artist Daniel Popper created five 15- to 26-foot-tall sculptures exclusively for the Arboretum that will be featured in various locations across its 1,700 acres, leading guests to areas they may not have explored before. It will be his largest exhibition to date anywhere in the world. On the East Side, a short walk from the Visitor Center, guests will be able to step within a huge female figure, as if into the heart of nature. Continuing along a less than mile-long walk, they will encounter a majestic maternal figure as tall as a tree, and a sculpture of diverse human facial traits interwoven with root structures. On the West Side, two hands joined by intertwining roots will extend near a grove of old oaks, and a towering face, split in half, will evoke the interconnectedness of humans and trees. Made of glass-reinforced concrete, fiberglass, and steel, each sculpture will weigh several metric tons. The largest ground footprint will be 28 feet wide and 37 feet long. Trees have the power to refresh and restore people, to connect them to the natural world. People rely on trees for clean air to breathe, shade to cool, and beauty that can bring joy and relaxation, among many other benefits. In turn, trees need people to care for them if they are to thrive and share their benefits, especially in a changing climate. Guests are invited to reimagine their relationships with trees as they explore these expressive large-scale artworks while also enjoying the outdoors and the trees of The Morton Arboretum. Human+Nature will be included with timed-entry admission to the Arboretum. April passes for Arboretum members will be available starting March 1. Timed-entry tickets for guests will be available starting March 15. About the Artist Daniel Popper is a multidisciplinary artist known globally for his larger-than-life sculptures. From Cape Town, South Africa, he is most acclaimed for his massive and spectacular public art installations, including the memorial sculpture for the Nelson Mandela School of Science and Technology in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, and sculptures for popular events such as the Boom Festival in Portugal and Rainbow Serpent Festival in Australia. MORE INFO ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT DUPAGE KANE KENDALL

KANELAND MOMS START PETITION | Facebook Group Rallies Parents Together to Open School Full Time

PETITION IMPLORES KANELAND SCHOOL BOARD TO TAKE ACTION TOWARDS A FULL-TIME IN-PERSON PLAN Kaneland Go Forward- Parents United is a facebook group created for Kaneland School District 302 parents who support the betterment of children through 'truth, respect, love, prayer, and accountability'. More recently, the group has been focusing on the topic of 'Return to School In Person Full-Time' with a petition circulating at imploring the Kaneland School Board to 'please take action for Kaneland students by offering a full-time in-person school option', while also recognizing that parents should have a choice if remote learning works better for their family. The petition sites 'that negative emotional/mental and academic impact has been created for kids due to the extended remote learning / hybrid-only model'. It also notes that this petition is 'based on findings from conversations with Kaneland administration along with extensive research from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) and Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH).' The petition summary reads: • We request the Kaneland School Board of Education to hold Kaneland administration, specifically Dr. Todd Leden and his staff, accountable in the development of a full-time/ in-person school model with an effective date of April 5, 2021. This gives our District six weeks to develop a plan and allow our students to end the school year in-person, full-time. • Create a dedicated committee with the common goal of developing the full-time/ in-person school. • Allow parents to attend the Kaneland School Board meeting in-person on February 22, 2021 at 7pm (meetings are still virtual with no parent presence even though the state of Illinois provides guidance approving gatherings of 50 or more). • This petition is a positive “call-to-action” with suggestions for change and next steps. The petition also notes the following: • This petition does not in any way state or suggest that Kaneland teachers are not doing their best and do not care about our children. In fact, we have heard that many teachers prefer to go back full-time to support their students, and they recognize that teachers are “essential.” • This petition does not suggest that kids with medical needs should return to school in-person full-time. There should be a remote option for that population. Likewise, teachers with medical needs could be the remote teachers. • This petition is not calling for any Board members or Administrators to resign or be removed from office. Petition organizers, Kim Harner of Sugar Grove and Tonia Groezinger of Maple Park, are passionate about this movement. Both moms have three children and live in the Kaneland school district, but their school-aged children currently attend private school until Kaneland returns to full-time in-person. "For most of the year, since the pandemic started, I have been very vocal about my concerns with how some decisions would impact our children. Over the past few weeks, I have decided to get some answers to my questions by going directly to the source," said Tonia. "In doing this, I found that Kim also wanted the same questions answered. Kim had created a Facebook group to get input, ideas, and concerns from other parents throughout our district. When Kim and I connected in her group about two weeks ago, we realized how concerned many parents were and how little was actually being done by our district to secure a full-time in-person learning structure, we knew action needed to be taken." she added. The local moms have been building a network of parents who share the same concerns. In just a few days, the facebook group has over 300 followers and the petition has over 725 signatures. "I refuse sit back and hope things will change. Our children deserve more academically, socially, and mentally. As our network continues to grow, I know that the fight I am facing is well worth it and that many people want the same changes for our children. People are going to have their negative comments and negative feelings towards our movement and towards me. And while I wish that wasn’t the case, I feel strong enough in this movement to push the negativity aside." Tonia concluded. Some opposition was expressed in social media towards the petition's April 2021 deadline with some parents noting that they prefer things to stay as-is, at least through the end of this school year. In response to this, co-organizer Kim Harner, has shared that parents should have a choice if remote learning is best for them and she wants this to be a peaceful movement. She also shared that the matter concerning a full-time in-person plan is time sensitive due to the planning that needs to be done for an in-person model to be carried out. Through numerous conversations with Kaneland Administration and 302 Board Members, Kim shared that she learned Kaneland still has major obstacles to providing an in-person full-time option for students, even for August 2021. "The obstacles administration has mentioned to Kim and Tonia in conversations are staying within the guidelines of 50 students on buses and maintaining six-foot social distancing while in school. Even though the district has flexibility to adjust the “guidelines” to work for Kaneland (as many other public schools are doing), it does not appear that this is being considered at this time, but rather the District is waiting for Illinois guidelines to change. This has many parents worried," said Kim. "If we do not push for an aggressive and focused approach now to get an option for full-time in-person school soon, I'm not sure when anything will change for our students. Parents deserve to know this level of detail. It is alarming to think that parents might assume the district is farther along in problem solving this topic than they actually are, especially nearly a year into the pandemic," Kim added. She encourages Kaneland parents who share these same concerns to connect by joining the facebook group where much of this level of detail is shared. "I am hopeful that the Board will be responsive to the action items we suggested in the petition, including asking Kaneland administration to be accountable for the development of a full-time committee dedicated to the initiative and a developing an option of offering full-time in-person school for those who want it. And to be clear, Tonia and I have ideas based on research and would be willing to contribute to the committee, but we are not petitioning to solve the puzzle for everyone. We are simply petitioning that the Kaneland public elected officials, the Board of Education, keep administration accountable to move forward to solve this problem and that they do so with the help of a designated committee and a sense of urgency working within the existing Illinois guidelines that are not likely to change anytime soon with the CDC stance that social distancing will continue to be a guideline regardless of vaccinations," Kim concluded. Currently, the petition has over 725 signatures. The Kaneland School District continues to operate under a Hybrid A/B and Remote Learning Model. Since the petition was started on Monday, the Board President Shana Sparber has notified Kim and Tonia via email on Wednesday that an in-person school board meeting will be held at Harter Middle School on Monday, February 22 where parents will have the opportunity to speak publicly regarding this matter during the 30-minute public comments section of the meeting. EDUCATION NEWS DUPAGE KANE KENDALL

LUXURY LIVING | $7.25 Million Dollar Italian Inspired Home Off of Naperville's Donwood Drive

BUILT FOR ENTERTAINING, YET SCALED FOR COZY EVENINGS, HOME NOW AVAILABLE Imagine living in a stunning estate that will leave you feeling as if you are residing in a luxurious villa located in the heart of Tuscany, Italy. One of Naperville's most beautiful homes, 7S719 Donwood Drive is the second highest priced Naperville listing that is currently on the market. At $7.25 million, the custom built Meullner home is a one of kind Italian-inspired estate. Built for grandest of celebrations, with every state-of-the-art luxury amenity, the home offers complete privacy and is situated on a beautiful 2.3 acre property.. Magnificent in design and construction, this home will allow the new buyers to appreciate the finer things in life. Built for entertaining, yet scaled for cozy evenings, the flow within and outside the home works for intimate dinners or large-scale celebrations. Guests are awe-inspired as they walk through each room. With 14, 668 square feet of quality details, the home features 7 bedrooms (all ensuite), 9 bathrooms, 12 fireplaces, 2 fire pits, an outdoor kitchen, 4 car garage, elevator, 5 verandas, a trattoria, hearth room, Caterer's kitchen & so much more! Additionally, it has Smart Home Automation throughout for convenient, modern living. The entire property is fenced with an electronic gate on 2.5 acres with illuminated pathways. The new homeowners will enjoy their picturesque in-ground pool and hot tub while listening to music from the whole house sound system with oversized outdoor speakers– truly an entertainer's paradise. Each room features something special whether it be custom wood designs, custom paintings, beautiful chandeliers or radiant heated floors. Just gorgeous–inside and out. THE DETAILS 7S719 Donwood Drive, Naperville Listed for $7,250,000 7 bed 8.5 bath 14,668 sq ft 2.3 acre lot Presented by: Michael LaFido, (630) 530-0900 Brokered by: @properties Elmhurst VIEW LISTING REAL ESTATE DUPAGE KANE KENDALL

MISSING PERSON | Aurora Police Department Searching for 24 Year Old Sarah Bivins

APD UPDATE: CANCEL/LOCATED SARAH HAS CONTACTED HER FAMILY AND APD AND CONFIRMED THAT SHE IS OK. THANK YOU FOR SHARING. LOCAL WOMAN MISSING/ENDANGERED News broke today that The Aurora Police Department is looking for 24 year old Sarah Bivins. Sarah was reported missing by her family on Tuesday, February 9, 2021. Her family last saw Sarah at the end of December 2020 and last had text communication with her in January 2021. The police are asking residents with any information regarding her disappearance to please come forward. Sarah is 5'04 120lbs with brown hair, and hazel eyes. Sarah should be driving a black 2004 Honda Pilot Sport Utility IL/Reg CG53237. If you have any information regarding Sarah’s whereabouts or see her vehicle, please contact Aurora Police Investigations at (630) -256-5500 or call 911. CIVIC NEWS DUPAGE KANE KENDALL