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WOMEN INSPIRED | Tianna Gawlak Shares on How Her ATM-Style Bakery Came to Be


HOMER GLEN/BURR RIDGE/CHICAGO–Baking has been a lifelong hobby for Tianna that inspired her to write a children’s book titled When You Dream of Chocolate Cake. During the publishing of the book, her kids (ages 2 and 3 years old) would travel to bookstores at all hours of the day with her. One evening, her toddler had a total meltdown over wanting to stop for chocolate cake.

“I explained to her that bakeries were closed, but a lightbulb turned on during that conversation about a 24-hour bakery concept,” Tianna says. “With the help of my supportive husband Krystian, I then proceeded to open the first Bakery Box late 2020 at the Burr Ridge Village Center. The community responded so positively to it, I knew I should invest in the concept and start expanding around Illinois. We have a brand-new location in Chicago next to Eataly, and another location coming this fall.”

This ATM style bakery allows Tianna to have full creative control over which flavors she sells to what areas she expands to; plus, the biggest perk is that her kids get to do it all with her. Although balancing the role of mom and work requires superhuman powers, pursuing her own goals has increased her self-esteem and provided the foundation for continued motivation and happiness.

“You don’t have to have it all figured out to move forward. Just start taking steps in the direction you want to go; you’ll figure it out! I promise,” she says. “If all else fails - eat cake!”

The Bakery Box is involved in local charity and organizational work near Burr Ridge and Hinsdale, and has donated cakes to events through Burr Ridge Village Center, women’s groups, and more. Tianna loves to stay actively involved in her surrounding community and loves supporting other local businesses such as Playroom Café, The Morton Arboretum, and Konow’s Corn Maze. -Kristen Kucharski

Photo by Mike Catuara

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