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WOMEN INSPIRED | Meet Chun Mei Chen of iLoveKickboxing in Oswego

Chun Mei Chen of iLoveKickboxing in Oswego


NAPERVILLE/OSWEGO–OSWEGO–Chun began her career in Investment Consulting, then transitioned to Corporate Finance and advanced as Senior Executive. Although she loved what she did, after the birth of her daughter seven years ago, Chun realized the importance of having work-home equilibrium.

“As women, we come across many obstacles along the way. I believed in finding the balance that makes me happy. It’s different for everyone and that’s ok. You do you,” she says, feeling wholly validated by the words of W.P. Kensella that success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get.

Chun’s passion to live a healthy lifestyle led her to open iLoveKickboxing Oswego.

Chun Mei Chen of iLoveKickboxing in Oswego

“It is by far the most rewarding job I’ve ever had and I love the freedom of owning my own business,” she says with a smile. “I love the adrenaline rushing kickboxing classes. It is effective and such an amazing stress relief. I love making an impact on other people’s health journey and watching the transformations happen right before me. It’s incredibly fulfilling.”

As a wife, mother and businesswoman, time management is essential for balance. Chun has learned to knock out critical items first, while leaving the rest for another day, as to always find quality time for her husband and daughter. She loves cooking, trying new restaurants, attending concerts, biking, doing crafts, traveling, and volunteering for PTA events.

Driven, compassionate and generous, Chun encourages all women to find their passion, do the research, and go for it! Life is short, go after your dreams. -by Kristen Kucharski, Photos by Laura Ramirez-Nunez


Chun Mei Chen of iLoveKickboxing in Oswego



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