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WOMEN INSPIRED | Meet Brenda Baird Watterson, Local Mom, CEO & Philanthropist

by Kristen Kucharski


GLEN ELLYN–While originally born in Toronto, Canada, Brenda was raised primarily in Wheaton. She began her career in the Investment Banking industry, catapulting to Vice President of the firm; however after the birth of her two sons, she realized the importance of staying home for her family. Along the way, her marriage ended, and she joined her family printing company, Truly Engaging, which she now holds the title of CEO.

“One of the most inspiring things for me as CEO, is to see some of the women we have hired out of very difficult situations reinvent themselves,” Brenda says. “They come in every day and work as a team and the satisfaction and pride they take in themselves is visible. We hire many part time high schoolers who eventually join our team after graduation. Additionally, we have developed creative work scenarios for women re-entering the workforce and need flexibility; as well as immigrants who have come to be part of our team through various relief organizations. Many have been part of our company for over 15 years and continue to be integral to the trajectory of our growth.”

Brenda works diligently to live by the words from her mother, “We are Blessed to be a Blessing”. Now remarried to Brian Watterson, her family has grown from three to eight, and although balancing work and home life is challenging, they all work hard to appreciate each other and celebrate successes together.

“Communicating with each other and our adult children whether through group texts or coveted phone calls reminds us that our blended family is still one of our richest blessings.”

Loyal, generous, and tenacious, Brenda’s passions run deep in her faith. She continuously gives back to her staff and the community with participation in WBENC, Pinnacle Global Network, Outreach Community Center, Hope Speaks, and The Ross K. MacNeill Foundation.


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