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WOMEN INSPIRED | Donna Fatigato, Health & Wellness Expert and Best Selling Author


A health & wellness expert for the past 40 years and best-selling author, Donna Fatigato is teaching kids how mood and energy is connected to their health and nutrition… in a lighthearted yet fun way.

In her new children’s book collection titled Bucky & Daisy’s Moody Adventures, Fatigato gives life to characters “Bucky” and “Daisy” who share their love to play but when their moods suddenly change one day, they must learn to understand why.

Each book focuses on a “discovery” showing how Exercise, Health & Wellness, Relaxation and Eating Healthy are all connected and affect a person’s mood. One book teaches self-love and self-care, while another uses visual guided imagery to promote calmness and relaxation. Kids are introduced to ‘Sara Tonin’ a friend who lives in their gut and sends signals to their brain to get them out of a rut.

No matter what the adventure, Bucky and Daisy come to realize the affect their health and what they eat has on their mood, energy, and overall well-being. In addition, each book features a “Parents Corner” that offers suggested activities for exercise, ways to apply positive habits, simple mind-body techniques for relaxation and healthy but fun recipes to enjoy.

“These books are about fueling the body and mind with nutrition, exercise and positive self-talk,” explains Fatigato. “If we can teach kids about the effects nutrition, health, and wellness can have on mood at an early age, then as they go through life, they are better equipped to have a positive mental state with more confidence to succeed.

A certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor and wellness/cooking coach, Fatigato assist all generations in living their best quality of life. She is a Phit America Ambassador and children’s health advocate who created the Young Lungs Fitness Program and enjoys teaching healthy and colorful cooking classes.

Bucky & Daisy's Moody Adventures, Discover: HEALTH & WELLNESS

Bucky & Daisy's Moody Adventures, Discover: EXERCISE

Bucky & Daisy's Moody Adventures, Discover: RELAXATION

Bucky & Daisy's Moody Adventures, Discover: EATING HEALTHY

Bucky & Daisy’s Moody Adventures books are available in print or e-book as a set for $39.95 or individually for $12/each at or Chicagoland bookstores carrying the collection include Trend + Relic (1501 Indiana Avenue -St Charles), Barnwood & Beeswax (14 N Island -Batavia), Three Stories Books (310 Canal St. -Lemont) and Town House Books (105 N 2nd Ave. -St. Charles).

For more information on the author, book signings, and events please visit Social media: @donna_fatigato on IG and @DonnaTheWellnessBuilder on FB.

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