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Updated: Jan 29


WEST SUBURBAN CHICAGO–Married to world renowned model and actress Jennifer Gimenez, Naperville Resident Tim Ryan and Jennifer are considered a Celebrity Power Couple and are the most sought-after speakers in the country for Substance Abuse - Suicide Prevention - Mental Health - Opioid Crisis - Eating Disorders - Prison Reform - Treatment & Recovery - Prevention - Harm Reduction - Body Image - Self Esteem – Leadership -Motivation – Inspiration.

Their credibility comes from years of struggling themselves with these issues, despite each having a successful career and seemingly perfect life.

Tim’s struggles with heroin landed him in prison for drug-related convictions and although he was released only 14 months later, he used that time wisely to fully engage in a 12-step based program, as well as lay the foundation for a business plan that would ultimately seek to help others with addiction issues.

“What we need are more programs that are long term for drug cases, people need substance abuse treatment and mental health help not jail,” Tim shares. “We need one to two year very structured programs; we have a pandemic going on and everyone wants to point the finger, but we need more solutions.”

Tim and Jennifer now spend their time between Los Angeles and Naperville, currently living at Hotel Arista in Naperville as they search for a new town home and enjoy eating at Lou Malanti’s and Rosebuds and going to the DuPage Children’s Museum. His foundation, A Man in Recovery ( is also based in Naperville where they run family support groups, assist anyone in treatment and speak all over Illinois; thus Naperville will always be home.

Although Jennifer and Tim speak nationwide to schools, communities, colleges and corporations (, Tim’s personal recovery will always come first and foremost.

“You can watch a person’s actions. Less talking and more action. I live in the depths of others peoples’ worlds of addiction from talking to a family, doing interventions, getting people into treatment, running a foundation, speaking nationwide with my wife and working for a substance treatment center,” he says. I still go to 4 -12 step meetings a week for myself, see an outside life coach and keep my circle very small. I only want to be around positive people who make me a better person.”

He and Jennifer are currently working on a reality-based docuseries, starting a podcast and Jennifer is back acting as well. Their days are very full but filled with purpose and connection. -Kristen Kucharski


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