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WEST SUBURBAN VIP | Disney Movies Feature Naperville Teen, Ava Morse


NAPERVILLE–16 year old Ava Morse is no stranger to the professional world of acting and singing. Ava grew up navigating between two worlds as a typical suburban kid attending school and acting on stage & screen. Over the last couple of years Ava has been seen in several national commercial campaigns. Kelloggs Cinnamon Frosted Flakes and Hebrew National Hot Dogs.

She also had a feature film released in 2017. Surprise Me! in which she plays the role of Young Genie. Her most recent adventure as Young Sam is currently streaming on HBO in Somebody Somewhere and she is currently working on her role as Cinder in the HBO Series - Disney Junior - Firebuds, which is set to release in 2022.

In addition, Ava has enjoyed being able to tap into her nerdy side as the voice of science geek - Ava, in Disney’s, Rons Gone Wrong which was released in theaters in October 2021 and is now available on Disney Plus.

“The audition process for Disney’s Rons Gone Wrong was very brief,” Ava shares. “I did a recording of the script at home in my pantry, then I got the call a couple months later that I got the role! Alongside voicing Ava, they also requested me to do some ADR (which is basically the setting ambiance) for the movie which I had never done before and worked with the amazing Lynnanne Zager on different improv skills and tips and tricks for this new aspect of voiceover.”

Ava is also the voice of the character of Miriam in the upcoming Pixar movie Turning Red, which will be released to Disney Plus on March 11, 2022.

Miriam is the ideal best friend, who is always there for you and always knows how to have a good time,” Ava says. “Miriam came easy to me, I was basically just being an exaggerated version of myself. When you're in the booth, you really have to put yourself out there and with the team, I think we all just had a great time throwing in little quirks here and there to really make the character special. She'll make you laugh and cry and never fail to dazzle you with her beatboxing skills. Turning Red was a much different experience for me. I went through multiple rounds of auditions over Zoom where I first met our incredible director, Domee Shi, essentially landing the role of Miriam. But due to COVID, I recorded the movie at home. The team sent me all this crazy vocal equipment and I worked with them on Zoom for about 5 hours a couple days each month. By late 2021, things began settling down in Chicago and I went to BAM studios in the city and got to work with them over Zoom there which was the closest to normal my job had been in a long time.”

Even though the limits in the entertainment industry during the pandemic have changed the audition and working processes, Ava continues to stay busy on new film and voiceover projects while also building her singing & songwriting career. Her music & videos have over 70K streams on platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube. -Kristen Kucharski, Photos Submitted

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