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WELCOME ABOARD | Ruta Drulia Joins the Photography Team at Glancer Magazine

Ruta Drulia Joins the Photography Team at Glancer Magazine
Ruta Drulia, Feature Photographer, Glancer Magazine


Glancer Magazine is excited to announce that a new Feature Photographer has joined our photography team. Ruta Drulia is a Naperville-based photographer specializing in family photography, events and more.

"I have always had a love of photography. Photography offers us so much– it gives us the ability to create emotion, stories, and experiences. With a camera, you can inspire people, make them laugh, cry, smile, and yearn. My photography journey started as a hobby many years ago, photographing friends, family, events and travels" shared Ruta.

"I started to offer photography services in 2016, after my first child was born. I love family photography, especially children. I am also working as a photographer at schools, and enjoy capturing sports events, musicals, plays, graduations and seniors. Being a photographer is my dream job come true and I feel so lucky for this opportunity I have been given," she added.

We encourage you to view Ruta's photography work and follow her social media pages:

Welcome to #TeamGlancer, Ruta! We are so excited to be working with you.


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