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UNIQUE IN SUBURBIA | Sweet Ali's Gluten Free Bakery In Hinsdale

by Brianna Bartemeyer


“A party without cake is just a meeting.” –Julia Child

HINSDALE–Life truly wouldn’t be the same without sweets. Cakes, pies, pastries … the list goes on! As the sweet-savory debate continues, there is no denying the power of food memories - especially as it pertains to sweets. Why? For many of us, they’re associated with the reward center of our brains. Sweets are synonymous to celebratory moments, holiday events, milestones and special occasions. Not only do we register the taste, smell and texture of food - but, we remember our environment … who we were with, where we were and how we felt. Those who suffer from food allergies can find it difficult to enjoy these simple, sweet pleasures. Enter: Sweet Ali’s Gluten Free Bakery.

This month, Sweet Ali’s in downtown Hinsdale, will be celebrating its 12th anniversary. This unique, local gem is a certified-dedicated gluten free bakery and offers over 100 sweets and savory products - including dairy-free and vegan options.

Everything is made-from-scratch for its retail and wholesale businesses. In fact, you can find Sweet Ali’s at some of your favorite Chicagoland food stores and restaurants. Local finds include: its pancake mix and cinnamon buns at Egg Harbor and its hamburger buns at Country House.

Inside this beloved bakery you will find: brownies, breads, muffins, coffeecakes, cookies, bars, cupcakes, cakes, pies, pastries, chicken pot pie, pizza dough, quiche, dry mixes and prepared Italian meals from Da Luciano (a local, family-owned restaurant!). Popular must-tries are its chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon buns and toffee bars. A variety of cupcakes are offered daily, too. Be sure to check out its cupcake calendar, which highlights the ‘cupcake of the week’. Here’s to the sweet life!


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