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UNIQUE IN SUBURBIA | Plan an Adventure-Filled Day Trip to Cosley Zoo

by Brianna Bartemeyer


WHEATON–In our fast-paced modern world, the interest in exotic, native and local wildlife continues to fuel our curiosity. We’ve learned how human impact affects animal existence and our shared natural environment. Zoos have the unique opportunity to create meaningful connections between people and animals - with a shifted focus on education, conservation and community. In fact, the Association of Zoos and Aquariums rewards only 10% of USDA-licensed animal exhibitors with AZA-accreditation - the gold standard for animal care, welfare, conservation and education. Enter Cosley Zoo in Wheaton.

This owned-and-operated Wheaton Park District zoo houses 20 exhibits, more than 200 animals and represents over 50 species - plus, it’s open year-round! A variety of domestic farm animals and Illinois wildlife call this five-acre zoo home - including: owls, ducks, turkey vultures, goats, donkeys, llamas, snakes and turtles. By partnering with licensed wildlife rehabilitators, CZ provides permanent homes for wild animals who are unable to be released back into nature. Each habitat is notably designed to best suit the animal’s unique needs and natural behaviors. Be sure to visit Val (resident bobcat!) and Pits - a 42-year-old, three-toed box turtle! And the kids will love the duck pond.

Fun fact! Through the Blanding’s Turtle Recovery Project, a local conservation initiative to protect Illinois’ endangered blanding turtles, CZ (in partnership with Forest Preserve District of DuPage County) released more than 3,000 turtles back into the wild!

By experiencing wildlife up close, we hope it encourages and inspires you to help conserve and admire the world around you. As CZ says, “... a lifetime of inspiration begins here.” Watch for Unique In Suburbia Every Month with Glancer Magazine

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