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UNIQUE IN SUBURBIA | Looking for Something Different to Do? How About Axe Throwing!

by Brianna Bartemeyer


MONTGOMERY–In the midwest, we’ve learned to bring the outdoors in. Especially, when it pertains to our beloved sports. Think soccer, hockey, lacrosse, golf and tennis … just to name a few. These once outdoor-centric sports have found their way indoors - creating opportunities for recreational competition to be enjoyed year-round. And lucky us, there's another sport that’s aimed to please indoor-sport enthusiasts - axe throwing. Once a sport of the middle ages, it has evolved into a global craze.

In July of 2019, Bull & Bear Axe Throwing opened in Montgomery. Axe throwing is an individual sport that is played with a group of people - think darts-meets-bowling. Individuals throw a 1.5 lb. hatchet (ie: axe) towards a wooden target with a marked bullseye - points are awarded based on where the axe strikes the target.

Fun fact - BBAT uses cottonwood boards from a local supplier. This softer, high-moisture wood allows the axe to stick better to its target (#winning!). And old, used cottonwood boards are recycled into firewood.

The dim lighting, wooden floors and unique cages create an ‘outdoor-feel’ and unique ambiance for patrons to enjoy. BBAT is a proud member of the World Axe Throwing League too. In fact, dedicated WATL trained coaches help groups, leagues and beginners learn technique, game rules and safety tips. It’s all about the experience.

In a world full of new-age complexities and challenges - it’s no wonder many have turned to a simple, straightforward (and ancient!) sport. It’s empowering and a great destresser. There are many axe throwing venues to pick from. We recommend wearing your favorite flannel and channeling your inner lumberjack. It’s AXE-TREMELY FUN!


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