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UNIQUE IN SUBURBIA | Le Chocolat du Bouchard

Unique In Suburbia Le Chocolat du Bouchard in Naperville

“All you need is Love.

But a little chocolate now-and-then doesn’t hurt.” –Charles M Schulz

Have you ever noticed that there is a hot chocolate scene in nearly every winter Hallmark movie? It’s official. There is apparently no better combo than winter romance and chocolate. Hallmark knows best. Whether it’s a seasonal favorite or timeless tradition, there is comfort associated with those cozy connections. And these cozy connections seemingly bring out the nostalgia in us all - memories of snow days, sledding adventures, ski trips, cold nights by the fireplace, strolls down Main Street and falling in love.

Speaking of love, did you know that chocolate contains a natural, organic compound called PEA (or phenethylamine). Also known as the ‘love drug’. One thing is clear – America loves its chocolate. And we’ve got just the spot for you: Le Chocolat du Bouchard in Naperville. Let the love affair begin!

Le Chocolat du Bouchard, located in downtown Naperville, opened in 2004. After the owner traveled to Europe, she fell in love with Paris. The lifestyle, culture, desserts, croissants … it was awe-inspiring. Once inside, you will sense the homage to Paris - the exposed bricks, elegant chandeliers, quaint cafe tables, warm hues and decadent chocolates all around. With over 30 specialty drinks and over 300 specialty chocolate items, guests delight in the variety of tasty treats. Its Espresso bar features: specialty lattes, cappuccino, hot chocolates, mochas and martinis. Its bistro features: crepes, soups, salads, signature desserts, milkshakes and ice cream. And don’t miss its chocolate shop and bakery! Must haves: Our Famous Carrot Cake and the Mexicocoa.

-Brianna Bartemeyer, Photos Submitted

Unique In Suburbia Le Chocolat du Bouchard in Naperville


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