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UNIQUE IN SUBURBIA | Hello Donut In Elmhurst

by Brianna Bartemeyer


There is no denying it …

America has a love affair with donuts.

Cake. Old Fashioned. Cream-filled. Yeast. Glazed. Sour Cream. Jelly-filled. Fritters. Powdered. Crullers - the list goes on. So why the obsession? Perhaps, it’s nostalgic for some (after all, ‘tis the season for pumpkin picking and apple-cider donuts!). Perhaps, it’s the fact that it goes hand-in-hand with our morning coffee fix. Or perhaps, the answer is simple - they are delicious.

Just as our love of donuts is unwavering, so is our love for artisanal goods. A yearning for handmade, quality ingredients, authenticity, originality and ‘storytelling’ continues to propel today’s economy. Hello Donut, in Elmhurst, is making an art out of selling donuts.

HD, an artisanal donut shop that specializes in international flavors, opened its doors July 2022. Gone are the days of jelly, vanilla and chocolate. The menu features 45 flavors each month - a mix of traditional, chef-featured and seasonal creations. October’s menu will release a mix of sweet and savory donuts, including: apple cider, oreo cookie, gold bar, greece (whipped truffle feta with hot honey!), mango lassi (Indian inspired), coquito (Puerto Rican inspired) and mochi (Filipino inspired).

This family-owned business strives to bring cultural inspiration, creativity and never-before-seen creations to its recipes. And, most importantly, everything is made from scratch. Whether it’s sweet or savory, vegan, gluten-free, culturally inspired or seasonal … there’s something for everyone. Local favorites: mango tajin, birthday cake and old-fashioned glazed!

Deliveries are now available via Grubhub, Uber Eats and DoorDash. Stop by or order online - you donut want to miss out.