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UNIQUE IN SUBURBIA | Gindo's Spice of Life In St. Charles


ST. CHARLES–Hot Ones. Are you familiar with this YouTube sensation? It’s “the show with hot questions and even hotter wings”. This one-on-one, celebrity talk show is brilliantly simple - its host asks questions while the guest attempts to eat wings coated in increasingly hotter sauce. Thanks to the unpredictable element that is hot sauce and thoughtful questions … we learn more about our favorite celebrities and ‘uniqueness’ that is hot sauce.

Did you know that the hot sauce market is projected to reach $4.17 Billion by 2028? And just like craft breweries, there are ‘craft’ hot sauce companies (hot sauceries, if you will!). Introducing: Gindo’s Spice of Life in St. Charles.

In December 2021, Gindo’s opened its shop - they specialize in small-batch artisanal hot sauces. Everything is done in-house; allowing full control over its sauces, ingredients, recipe development and label design. They source a variety of ingredients from local farms - such as: Mighty Greens in Elburn, Gordon Heat Farm in Oswego and Garlic Breath Farm in Elburn (just to name a few!).

This summer you can catch Gindo’s at a variety of local markets, too. They recently launched Hot Honey (infused with locally-grown ghost, scotch bonnets and habanero peppers) and will re-release Strawberry Basil in July. Along with its three year-round sauces (Gindo’s Original Fresh & Spicy, Jalapeno Poblano and Honey Habanero), they make a small-batch sauce weekly. Looking for a unique pairing? Try Honey Habanero with dessert! This warm, fiery finish contrasts perfectly with the sweetness of dessert … an unexpected (yet, delicious!) surprise.

Here’s to you, Hot One. May you discover the spice to life this summer!


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