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UNIQUE IN SUBURBIA | Custom Scent Shop In Geneva Has Over 100 Scents to Create With

by Brianna Bartemeyer


GENEVA–The One Where Ross Can't Flirt. During this Friends’ episode, viewers witness Ross’ innocently-awkward attempt to flirt with the Pizza Girl. Upon discovering that the pizzeria uses a gas oven, his flirting took an unexpected (albeit interesting!) turn … as he started to discuss the ‘smell’ associated with, well, gas. Leave it to Phoebe, to genuinely and curiously ask, “Ross … what else do they add smell to?”

The answer - lots! Smell is everywhere. The fragrance industry is valued at $32.8 Billion and is projected to hit $91.17 Billion by 2025. Smell governs our association to people, places, products, etc.! It plays a major role in mood, emotions, behaviors and memories. And our memories are powerful - evoking emotions that contribute to happiness, danger (ie: gas, thanks Ross!), comfort, sadness … and many more.

Scents contribute to our identity, too. They tell our story. Similarly to a favorite song, they transport us. Cinnamon, pumpkin, cranberries, frasier fir - these scents connect us to the season and cherished memories with loved ones. Lucky for us, Geneva offers a charming, experiential custom-scent shop - Scentcerely Yours.

This unique shop offers over 100 scents! There are a variety of household and personal care items clients can make, including: candles, diffusers, soaps, shower gels and lotions (just to name a few!). SY uses natural soy wax, premium fragrance oils and 100% organic cotton wicks - allowing its candles to burn cleaner, longer and more true-to-scent. Recommended seasonal blends: Red Hot Cinnamon + Fraser Fir and First Snow + White Birch. We scentcerely hope you make special memories at this Geneva gem. –Photos Submitted


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