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UNIQUE IN SUBURBIA | Comedy Vault In Batavia

Unique In Suburbia, Comedy Vault, Batavia

by Brianna Bartemeyer

“A day without laughter is a day wasted.” –Charlie Chaplin

Did you laugh today? Seriously. All jokes aside, comedy boosts a variety of mental and physical health benefits. As the news inundates us with tragic news day-after-day, it’s important to seek humor. After all - would you rather laugh or cry? On the other hand, laughing so hard you cry … that just might be the winning combo! There is something cathartic about comedy that triggers aching jaw & cheek bones, tear-filled eyes and uncontrollable laughter. As the old adage goes, laughter is the best medicine … and studies prove its effectiveness in relieving stress levels and reducing blood pressure. If you are ready to add some levity to the work week, we’ve got just the spot! Introducing: Comedy Vault.

Comedy Vault, Batavia
Comedy Vault, Batavia

Comedy Vault, a comedy club located in Batavia, opened its doors in October 2021. The name pays homage to its building’s previous tenant, as it was once a bank. The comedy club prides itself on being a ‘comic’s club’ - a club where comics are able to freely express material and themselves in a non-heckled environment.

Every Sunday CV hosts an Improv Heist - an all ages, improvised comedy event. Additionally, open mic nights are hosted every Wednesday evening. Be sure to check out November’s weekend headliners, too - special guests include: Chris Franjola, Paul Elia, Alex Moffat and Brian Scolaro.

May we all find lightness amidst sadness, comfort in the mundane and relatability in this crazy thing we call life! Whether it’s self-deprecating, highbrow, taboo or anecdotal - seek humor. And enjoy the comedy near you … don’t waste a day!


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