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UNIQUE IN SUBURBIA | Chez François Poutinerie in Naperville


NAPERVILLE–What do you get when you combine french fries, cheddar cheese curds and gravy? Poutine - a classic, Canadian comfort dish that was first established in Quebec around the 1950s. Lucky for us, it has outgrown its regional roots. In light of Punxsutawneye Phil’s recent prediction, we are certainly in need of some comfort dishes to get us through this remaining winter season. Introducing: Chez François Poutinerie.

Chez François Poutinerie, a restaurant in downtown Naperville that specializes in making poutine, opened its doors in July 2022. The restaurant had two goals: introduce poutine to its residents and provide employment opportunities to adults with special needs. In fact, the restaurant is named after the owner’s son (François) who has autism. Those adults with developmental disabilities participate in a three-month training program and are teamed up with a work buddy (to help assist with job-related tasks). Additionally, area schools partner with CFP as a vocational training site.

This unique restaurant serves a variety of specialty poutine dishes and salads. Be sure to try The Montreal (classic poutine - gravy is a family recipe!), The Hipster (fries, gravy and caramelized pork belly) and the Caesar Salad (a traditional caesar salad with eggs, capers and bacon). All ingredients are independently sourced - ensuring the freshest quality. To help generate a sense of community, CFP hosts one event per month - such as: game nights, karaoke and bingo.

There is comfort to be found all around - not only with its food, its people … but, also its heartwarming mission.


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