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UNIQUE IN SUBURBIA | A Unique Shop for the Pets We Love, Located In Downers Grove

by Brianna Bartemeyer


Love unconditionally. Be loyal. Enjoy the outdoors. Play. Walk more. Express gratitude. Live simply. Greet loved ones with enthusiasm. These aren’t just pandemic reminders - these are important teachings from our furry family members.

“Everything I know I learned from dogs.”

-Nora Roberts

Dogs aren’t just pets - they’re an extension of the family … and a reminder that family doesn’t have to be blood. The human-animal bond is unlike any relationship; it’s a relationship that provides physical, mental and emotional support. It’s no surprise that dog owners are looking for ways to spoil their four-legged friends. In fact, we can thank Millennials for the uptick in pet consumerism - they’re responsible for the growth of premium dog food. Enter Happy Dog Barkery.

In April 2004, Happy Dog Barkery opened its doors in Downers Grove. This beloved shop just celebrated its 17th anniversary! The ‘barkery’ is a women-and-family-owned, pet-specialty retailer that features an in-house dog bakery. They make the following: cookies, cakes, stews, froyo, donuts, meatloaf, pill dough, soft pretzels, chips & liver and liver mac & cheese. It’s all about variety! All recipes are regulated by the Department of Agriculture, too. Fun fact - HDB gets spent grains from Alter Brewing, a local brewery. Spent grains are lower in carbs, gluten-reduced, high in fiber and high in protein - a sustainable way to repurpose and upcycle food locally!

As warmer days are upon us, be sure to treat your pooch to some well-deserved froyo! Peanut butter, banana, berry and maple bacon are standard menu flavors - but, speciality favors are sprinkled in seasonally. Cheers to tasty new memories - it’s sure to be a tail-waggin’-good-time! -Photos by Mike Catuara

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