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UNIQUE IN SUBURBIA | A Unique Botanical Garden-Style Nursery In the Heart of the Western Suburbs


As the grass greens, buds bloom and songbirds sing, we are met with anticipation and wonderment as a new season awaits us. The excitement for longer days, warmer temperatures and (yes, a vaccine!) have many of us Midwesterners yearning for Spring. While we still aren’t shaking hands, we encourage you to get your hands dirty with a hobby that’s proven to reduce stress and boost your mood. It’s gardening!

Did you know that pandemic gardens were referred to as ‘victory gardens’? This phrase was coined during WWI and WWII as the government turned to its citizens to aid with the food supply. While we aren’t experiencing a food shortage, there has been a resurgence in gardening. The need for connectivity is palpable … and Mother Nature has been our reprieve. Whether you’re a new ‘pandemic gardener’, gardening pro or just looking to reduce your grocery bill, The Growing Place in Naperville and Aurora, provides high-quality plants to grow with confidence this season.

The Growing Place, a botanical garden-style nursery, established its roots in 1936 (originally named Emma’s Perennials until 1976). This third-generation, family-owned-and-operated business is known for its variety (over 2,300 plant varieties!) and has been a cherished oasis for 85 years. Be sure to check out the Learning Gardens, as these strategic gardens demonstrate commonly encountered yard situations - plus, they change out seasonally! Its organic vegetables & herbs are grown on-site, native plants are sourced within an 80-mile radius and trees & shrubs are grown in northern nurseries. And the ever-popular Grab n’ Go containers are all made on-site, too. Happy planting!