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TROLLS MOVIE | Sensory-Friendly Trolls Band Together Movie with Special Needs Mom Squad

TROLLS MOVIE | Sensory-Friendly Trolls Band Together Movie with Special Needs Mom Squad


A Day of Movie Fun at Hollywood Palms in Naperville Tailored to Special Needs Families

For a fun and family filled Sunday, join Special Needs Mom Squad for an exclusive private screening of the newest Trolls movie. Trolls Band Together.

This is a private event designed exclusively for families with children and young adults with diverse needs. The theater environment will be tailored for those with sensory needs. Sensory-friendly showings are an important and inclusive initiative that allows a wider range of people to enjoy movies in a way that is comfortable for them. They can be especially beneficial for families with children who have sensory sensitivities or individuals who may find traditional movie theaters overwhelming.

This includes: elimination or reduction of previews, lights dimmed to a twilight and sounds reduced. There is No Pressure to Stay during the entire film. If someone becomes uncomfortable or needs a break, they can leave the screening room and return when they are ready.

Understanding Audience: The staff and fellow moviegoers at a sensory-friendly showing are often trained to be understanding and patient with individuals who may have special needs, including those with autism, sensory processing disorders, or other conditions that can make traditional moviegoing challenging.

Each ticket includes ONE admission to the movie, your choice of either bottled water or canned soda and one individual sized popcorn.

DOORS OPEN AT 1030AM and showing will start promptly at 11:00AM. Reserved seating available for parties over 6. -please let the organizers know if this applies to you.

For more information about the Special Needs Mom Squad, visit their website by clicking here.

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This organization is 100% volunteer driven. Any support whether it be monetary and or time donated is much appreciated.

Interested in volunteering? Interested in sponsorship? Send an email at