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TRAVEL TIPS | The Holiday Season Brings Travel for Many, Here are Some Tips to Reduce Expenses


Holiday travel plans look different this year. More hidden costs, restrictions and requirements for even domestic travel can make planning your usual yearly trip costly if you aren’t aware. Most countries including the United States, have new rules and regulations that could cost you thousands. But with careful consideration and the tips below, you can cut your holiday travel expenses:

Check COVID requirements for states

Vaccinated or not, it’s important to check what the state you’re going to says about visiting. Some may require an incubation period, vaccination proof, and additional medical coverage. Check the guidelines of where you’re visiting so your trip isn’t ruined by forgotten proof of medical records or a required quarantine period.

Prepare ahead of time

The booming post-pandemic travel industry doesn’t allow you to plan last-minute. Planning weeks and even months in advance for important pieces of your trip (hotels, rental car, etc.) is crucial and can actually get you the best deals for things like flights and rooms. This allows gives you time to budget.

Insure your travel

Most medical insurance plans don’t cover the cost of out of network help. When traveling to another state, a visit to the doctor could cost thousands. Consider an out of state (OOS) medical insurance that would work best for you. Goose Insurance has a great comprehensive plan that includes trip cancellation coverage, hospital, physician and ambulance services, $250,000 in medical coverage with COVID-19 being covered, and more.

Look into loyalty programs

Whether or not you frequently travel, consider looking into airline, hotel and any other travel related rewards programs. Oftentimes by signing up, you can get a great deal on your next trip. Consider what kind of rewards program would be beneficial and weigh your options to see which can get you the best deals.


Omar Kaywan is the CEO of Goose Insurance. Established in 2018, Goose Insurance Services takes the confusing parts out of buying insurance and makes it easier than ever to get the right coverage. And it all happens in seconds, from a single app. For more information about Goose, or to download the app, visit


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