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TODAY'S KITCHEN | Local Kitchen & Bath Design Shares on Updates for the Homeowners Who Entertains


NAPERVILLE–Whether you like to host your family or your entire neighborhood, your kitchen should be ready for action at all times. If you’re thinking about renovating your kitchen to become the perfect setting to entertain, here are some ideas to make it happen from the design team at The Kitchen Master.

Boost Your Storage

No matter what your entertaining style, you’ll need additional shelves, drawers and cubbies for china and glassware, serving pieces and silverware, tablecloths and napkins, candlesticks and bread baskets. Even if your idea of a party is paper plates, plastic forks and bottles of beer, plan a way to stow the burger buns, bags of chips and condiments until it’s time to serve.

Designate Kitchen Zones

Whether your new kitchen is large or small, multiple work stations will serve crowds or accommodate a crowd of cooks. Nothing gets in the way of a party faster than having to elbow others out of the way!

Create Traffic Lanes

Think about circulation. If you plan to have crowds in your kitchen, widen the aisles and try to create a logical path for guests who come to help or hang out. Islands and peninsulas are great solutions, keeping gawkers at bay while encouraging conversation.

Set Up Serving Counters

Score an “A” in your party kitchen with lots of counter space. A large island will double as a buffet table. A beverage center along one wall will eliminate congestion. Include a bar sink, an ice maker and under-counter wine chiller or refrigerator.

Show Off Your Stuff

Think about the things you love. If you have a collection of antique milk glass or old cast-iron cooking pots or grandma’s teacups find a way to display them. Your collections are great party props!

Defy Tradition

Today, there are specialized tools and appliances to fulfill all needs. Install a steam oven and a warming drawer if that sounds like an “entertaining” idea. Add an under-counter beer keg or a wine tap. Consider an indoor grill if you can’t make it through the winter without a perfectly grilled steak.

Whatever you deem important for your party room, our professional designers would love to help you transform your kitchen into your vision of a great space. Call us and let’s get that party going. Since 1977, The Kitchen Master has assisted thousands of homeowners design and build every kind of kitchen imaginable.

The Kitchen Master, 600 Industrial Dr. Naperville, (630) 369-0500 Complimentary Consultation,


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