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TO GIVE, TO INSPIRE | Teen-Ran Performing Arts Program Doing Great Things for the Community


It all began as a simple “Greatest Showman” themed summer concert held in a backyard by young performing artists moving from eighth grade to becoming freshmen at their respective high schools. Although the audience had only about the same amount of people as were in the cast, the show sparked an idea of holding more concerts and productions and forming a performing arts company for teens. When the 2020 quarantine hit, it was a perfect opportunity to take that free-time and work on creating a real company.

Four Seasons Performing Arts came to fruition and a mission was created to increase the number of performing opportunities for aspiring young artists, while simultaneously producing entertaining shows for their audience base. “In my opinion, the best part about Four Seasons lies not in the work we produce, but in the collaboration behind the scenes,” says Peyton Owen, executive director and co-founder of the company. “We are entirely teen run with 8 high schoolers on the board that all have different focuses. This is a passion project for all of us.”

Aside from their original musical, FSPA has never charged for tickets or admission to any of their projects. Raised funds come in purely through the generosity of their audience base and supporters. The majority of the money is donated to different organizations including Kids Matter and Saving Tiny Hearts. A small portion goes back into the company solely to help fund future projects. “To date, we have been able to give 80+ youth performers over 110 performing opportunities and have donated $4000 to the various local charities,” says Peyton.

Their current project titled “Artists Collide: a fusion of youth artistry” will be held on July 11 at Island Park in Geneva. It will take different types of artistry and combine them into a half-day event, including a live art gallery allowing spectators to watch artists creating their work while singers, speakers, poets and instrumentalists perform. Raffles will be available and donations will be accepted, but the greatest support is simply showing up to enjoy their artists’ talents.

For more information on the Four Seasons Performing Arts Company, the Artists Collide event or donating to the organization, visit their website at




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