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RICHARD MARX & MORE | New Virtual Events at Anderson's Bookshop Set for July


July will kick off with new virtual events at Anderson’s Bookshop, welcoming Richard Marx, Sonali Sev and Christina Baker Kline.

Richard Marx is set for an online visit with Anderson’s Bookshop on Tuesday, July 6 at 7:00 pm. Marx, the legendary musician, will be in conversation with rock bassist Duff McKagan, of Guns and Roses fame. Marx will share his new memoir, Stories to Tell.

In Stories to Tell, Marx uses this same engaging, straight-talking style to look back on his life and career. He writes of how Kenny Rogers changed a single line of a song he’d written for him then asked for a 50% cut—which inspired Marx to write one of his biggest hits. He tells the uncanny story of how he wound up curled up on the couch of Olivia Newton-John, his childhood crush, watching Xanadu. He shares the tribulations of working with the all-female hair metal band Vixen and appearing in their video.

Yet amid these entertaining celebrity encounters, Marx offers a more sobering assessment of the music business as he’s experienced it over four decades—the challenges of navigating greedy executives and grueling tour schedules, and the rewards of connecting with thousands of fans at sold-out shows that make all the drama worthwhile. He also provides an illuminating look at his songwriting process and talks honestly about how his personal life has inspired his work, including finding love with wife Daisy Fuentes and the mystery illness that recently struck him—and that doctors haven’t been able to solve.

Conversation partner McKagan has had a rocking musical career as well, but then added other ventures: writer and financial adviser to the stars of the rock world. He is one of the most recognized bassists in rock music history, best known as a founding member of the Guns N' Roses. McKagan has also become a prolific writer, as a five-year columnist for Seattle Weekly and stints as a weekly sports columnist for ESPN, as well as a financial columnist for He has authored a bestselling autobiography "It's So Easy: and Other Lies," followed by his second book, "How to Be a Man: (and other illusions).’ In his thirties, McKagan established himself as a voice of business from within the music industry. In 2011, McKagan partnered with investor Andy Bottomley to start Meridian Rock, with the aim of creating a capital management firm for musicians. He resides with his wife Susan and two daughters, Grace and Mae, in Seattle, Washington.

Tickets are available now. A signed book-plated edition is included with each ticket purchase. Please visit:

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